Kaanapali Beach Hotel

Old-fashioned and authentic, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel separates itself from competitors by stressing the small things. You won't find high-rise towers or gimmicky tie-ins here - the Kaanapali Beach vacation resort is regarded throughout the island as a place for people who have come to Maui for more than just classic beaches. At Kaanapali, you will get a crash course in Hawaiian culture and history and the most traditional cuisine you'll find at any Maui beach hotel.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Pool
Kaanapali Beach Hotel Pool

Located in Lahaina, as many Maui resorts are, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is pretty straight forward with its focus on island values. The staff is renowned as the friendliest and most knowledgeable in town, and the hotel offers a multitude of classes on different facets of Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiiana programs at Kaanapali Beach Club include ukulele lessons, lauhala weaving, hula dancing and many others. One of the best parts of visiting a new place is getting to know a little bit about how other cultures interact, and these programs will help you come away from the island with a deeper appreciation for the Hawaii's rich history.

This Kaanapali Beach vacation resort is also widely known for its fantastic dining choices. If you've never had a loco moco, a helping of poi, kalua pig, or anything made with taro, then this is the first place you should visit. The unique flavors and styles of Hawaii reflect the various immigrant populations that have made their way to the islands - thus popular Hawaiian cuisine has adapted to include favorite dishes from China, Japan, Portugal and the Philippines, all flavored with Hawaiian flare. And the Kaanapali Beach Hotel will serve up the best, guaranteed. Dinner can also be accentuated by the Magical Dinner Show, a magic act that captivates young and old alike.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Rooms

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Rooms
Kaanapali Beach Hotel Rooms

The rooms themselves are spacious and filled with all kinds of wicker decorations - and the beachfront cottages that can be rented are divided from Kaanapali Beach by mere footsteps. And its fortuitous location in Lahaina means you have easy access to the rest of the city, and island as well. So if you need a break from the beach and are interested in getting out and seeing the sights of Maui, there's few better places to be than here. Golf courses, volcanoes, hiking, biking and a hundred other activities are just minutes away - another reason why this Kaanapali Beach vacation resort is one of the island's most entertaining lodging options on all of Maui.

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