Makena Beach

Makena Beach Resort
Makena Beach Resort

Makena Beach is one of the few beaches that feels secluded and tucked away from the crowds. While many of the other Maui beaches are open to the public, this stretch of golden sands and blue waters is favored by those who reserved vacation rentals along the beach. Whether you've made reservations at the Makena Beach Resort or one of the other condos along the way, you'll have access to a slice of paradise.

Makena Surf Beach
Makena Surf Beach

Open year-round and not watched over by life guards, the Makena Beach also goes by the name of Poolenalena Beach. Dotted by palm trees, crashing waves, and lava rocks, this beach looks exactly like you'd expect a tropical beach to look. The lovely beach is a popular setting for Maui weddings, especially at sunset. Even if you're not on your honeymoon, a stroll on the beach is a wonderfully relaxing and pleasant experience. There are two small parking lots on either end of the beach. The first is located just south of Wailea, while the other parking lot has a small shower facility. If you're staying nearby, the limited parking shouldn't be a problem.

Makena Beach Map
Makena Beach Map

Beyond the golden sands, Poolenalena Beach is a nice place for swimming, since the beach gently slopes into the Pacific. With warm, pleasant weather year-round, you'll have the chance to go for a dip even if it's chilly back at home. With a little bit of equipment, the Makena Beach turns into a fantastic place to go snorkeling. The lava rocks on both ends of the beach attract an array of marine life that live just below the surface.

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