Maui Bamboo Forest

The Maui Bamboo Forest is a dazzling place for a hike. Found along the Pipiwai Trail, it offers a setting that is quite unique. As the name implies, dense groupings of bamboo stalks make up this forest, creating an ambience that could be described using any number of words, including majestic and mystical. There is more to this area than the amazing amount of bamboo, however, so visitors should be prepared for a visual experience that includes a variety of vistas.

Rare is the Maui Bamboo Forest visitor who comes away unimpressed. The amount of bamboo here and how healthy and dense it is just isn’t something that most people have ever seen or had the chance to walk through. Many of the bamboo stalks rise 20 or more feet into the sky, and it’s simply awesome to follow the trail as it makes its way through what almost amount to bamboo tunnels. When the wind blows hard enough, the sounds of the bamboo stalks clattering together adds another dimension that only intensifies the amazement of it all.

Waimoku Falls
Waimoku Falls

The trail through the Maui Bamboo Forest has wooden boardwalks in some sections and provides a clearly identifiable avenue to wander along. It is encouraged to follow it all the way to the end of the forest, where you will be rewarded with views of 400-foot Waimoku Falls. Also worth noting is the waterfall that you will see before you get to the Bamboo Forest while hiking along the Pipiwai Trail. Known as Makahiku Falls, it has an approximately 200-foot drop and a lovely little “infinity pool” at the top. At both waterfalls, it is advised that you resist the urge to swim in the pools that are either found at the top or the bottom. Flash floods are known to occur in the area, and they can quickly send you over the edge from the top. Down below, falling rocks present a strong element of danger.

Other tips for visits to the Maui Bamboo Forest include putting on some insect repellant and wearing proper closed-toed shoes or boots. Light, breathable clothes are recommended, as it is typically hot and humid along the trail, and visitors to the area should know that the hiking is uphill and rather demanding in some spots. You’ll have to bring your own food and water supplies, as there is nothing available near or on the trail itself.

Bamboo Forest Maui Map
Bamboo Forest Maui Map

To get to the Bamboo Forest in Maui, hop on the famous Hana Highway and drive to the town of Hana. Keep going about 10 miles south of Hana and a little ways past mile marker 42, where you will find an entrance to Haleakala National Park. After showing your park pass or going the alternate route and paying the entrance fee, you can park and then access the Pipiwai Trail. The Kipahulu Visitor Center is a good place to check in, and washrooms are available should you wish to take advantage before you begin your hike.

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