Maui Beach Hotels

From Lahaina to Hana to Kahului to Kihei, if there is one thing that the island has a lot of, it's Maui beach hotels. From regal resorts to authentic wicker cottages to sprawling beachfront condos, there is no shortage of accommodation options on the island.

Maui Beach Hotels Resorts
Maui Beach Hotels Resorts

As you would expect, the most popular Maui Oceanfront hotels are located on the island's best beaches. And when it comes to Hawaiian beaches, few get better than Wailea or Kaanapali. Both on the southern edge of Maui's western coast, here you'll find the best snorkeling, surfing and - of course - beach rentals.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Maui
Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Maui

Lahaina is home to Kaanapali Beach, which already puts it ahead of the game. This is the signature beach in Hawaii, where millions of sun-baked tourists head to year in and year out. It also has the most Maui beach hotels - here you'll find famed chains like the Westin Maui, the Sheraton Maui Hotel and (obviously) the Kaanapali Beach Hotel (pictured). Each of these is separated from the beach by only a mere walkway or garden, so you'll get as close as you want to the sand and surf. These Maui beach rentals, along with many on the island, also offer a number of private beachfront cottages. The Hyatt Regency has a hotel here, and other notable hotels nearby include: the Royal Lahaina, the Kaanapali Alii and Pioneer Inn. These are just a handful - there are hundreds of smaller Maui oceanfront hotels in and around Lahaina that get you right on the beach.

Hana Kai-Maui
Hana Kai-Maui

No trip to the island is complete without a stop off in Hana, and Hana Bay is where some of the best Maui beach rentals live. The Hotel Hana Maui is the most famous, the hotel that is so often emulated across the island, and by other Hana rentals in particular. The Hana Kai-Maui is another great one, as is the Hana House - both of these Maui oceanfront hotels do little to dispel the myth that the area around Hana Bay really is paradise.

If there is going to be an argument over the best beach in Maui, it'll probably be between Kaanapali and Wailea. Like Lahaina, Wailea offers a wealth of options when it comes to accommodations - but this is resort territory. Maui beach hotels are fewer and far between, although many of them, like the Four Seasons Maui, really blur the line between resort and hotel.

Kihei is home to one of the most critically acclaimed Maui beach rentals - the Sugar Beach Resort - while also featuring the Royal Mauian Resort and Maui Sunset Hotel. Kahului keeps up its end with great hotels like the exquisite Maui Beach Hotel and Maui Seaside Hotel. Though not quite as resort-like as rentals you can find in other Mauian cities, Kahului still brings in its share of tourists with great deals and unpretentious charm.

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