Maui Cruises

Even if vacationers arrive in Maui on an airplane, they still can experience the scenic views and relaxing nature of a cruise. All around the island, boats big and small depart for excursions on the deep blue waters of the Pacific. A cruise in Maui will provide a vantage point that simply can't be found on land.

Maui Cruises
Maui Cruises

Even though the sun sets every night, experiencing this show of nature is something to savor on an island getaway. A Maui sunset cruise will give vacationers the chance to end their day in style as they watch the sky streaked with pink, gold, and red—at times the sun might seem close enough to reach out and touch. The strong wind of the afternoon often dies down to a gentle breeze in the evening, making a Maui sunset cruise the perfect time to experience the comfortable island weather.

Several companies offer Maui sunset cruise itineraries; the bulk of the trips depart from the Lahaina harbor. Catamarans, schooners, and sailboats can accommodate a variety of passengers. Some carry small groups out to sea, while others take more than 100 people out for a shared experience.

Vacationers also can enjoy the nightlife when they step aboard a Maui dinner cruise. Combining fine dining with a scenic excursion, a dinner cruise is an excellent way to have a meal to remember. A variety of ships set sail on these evening Maui cruises, and passengers will likely find that the roughly two and a half hours spent on the cruise pass quickly.

Plenty of vacationers include Maui cruises in their plans so they can watch for wildlife and enjoy water sports. Every November, humpback whales arrive on their annual migrations and stay until May, and dolphins and sea turtles are frequent sights throughout the year. The Pacific Whale Foundation leads narrated wildlife tours from docks in Lahaina and Maalaea, in addition to Maui cruises, snorkeling excursions, and nighttime stargazing tours. The songs of the whales are particularly amazing after dark. Other outfitters based on Maui also combine eco-tours and cruises.

Of course, plenty of vacationers first arrive at the island on a cruise to Maui. Major cruise lines include Maui on their multi-island itineraries. With a stopover of a few hours or a few days, cruise-ship passengers will have the opportunity to experience this island paradise.

Inter-island ferries are another way to experience a cruise to Maui. High-speed service from Oahu will make for a short trip, and this is an especially popular option for those who choose to fly into Honolulu rather than one of the airports in Maui, such as in Kahului. If travelers find a good deal for airfare to Honolulu but still want to visit other islands, a cruise to Maui is a good way to save money.

Vacationers also can embark on Maui cruises to visit the outlying islands of Molokai and Lanai. The bigger of the two, Molokai, is known for its former leper colony, as people suffering from leprosy came for healing and missionaries came to provide care. As medicine improved, Molokai became a haven for eco-tours and outdoor recreation. Lanai, just nine miles off the coast of Maui, is regarded for its excellent resorts, scuba diving, and marine sanctuaries.

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