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The large number of water activities around Maui create a vast spectrum of activities with literally things to do on Maui for everyone. Maui is replete with an arresting landscape throughly saturated with natural beauty and enjoyed from many different angles. A Maui snorkeling trip across the bay to the Molokini Crater reveals an underwater paradise brimming with marine creatures in what locals and visitors call the fishbowl. Maui tours offer some of the best chartered sailing experiences and visit plenty of natural wonders sure to fill up your camera quickly. Kayaking along the varied coastline is another extremely popular activity where the payback for the often strenuous exercise is worth all the energy spent.

Maui is an angler's paradise and many experience catching species of fish they may have never even seen in their lives let along caught! The majority of Maui deep sea fishing charters operate out of Maalaea Bay and Lahaina harbors just as they do for trips to Molokini Crater. A half-day private charter is extremely costly yet you have all the space you need, your very own guide, a well-equipped vessel and the only line for miles. For less than a quarter of the cost anglers can opt to share boats which normally don't take more than 6-8 people for Maui fishing depending on the size of the boat. If you catch a prize it's possible to have it mounted but it might cost a small fortune!

If you catch a good eater someone on your crew can expertly fillet it so you can take it back for a long bragging session! Avoid any of the Maui sport fishing tours that charge per catch as it's pure larceny. Most of the Maui deep sea fishing charters expect you to take along your own lunch and plastic drinking glass. Getting equipped for your trip is best done in the evening as you'll be setting out in the wee hours when you might not find what you need. Maui sport fishing tours will supply bait, ice and coolers. Those who go fishing in Maui most often tip the guides at the end, for a satisfactory trip of course.

Fishing in Maui can be arranged by taking a trip to Lahaina Harbor where most of the charters are. Take some time to read brochures and talk to Maui fishing guides to determine which is best for you. Investigating on your own will help to procure a great trip you will thoroughly enjoy with a professional and helpful crew. Compare rates, ask where the charters will take you and which days they operate. Fishing in Maui waters opens the door to catches like ‘ahi, tuna, pacific blue marlin, barracuda, ulua, kawakawa, bonefish and mahimahi.

One of this Maui attractions advantages is you don't need a license, a perk not often found in many fishing areas as fantastic as Maui. It's best to make advanced reservations if you're planning on visiting during spring break, Christmas or any tournament weeks. Fishing is good throughout the year but the best weather for enjoying Maui beaches is in the summer. The most popular year-round catches during Maui sport fishing tours are mahimahi, ahi, ono, and marlin. Summer will bring the largest onslaught of tourists and will require planning ahead at least a couple of weeks.

Four to eight hour excursions are available for those who are keen to try some great fishing in Maui. Eight hour shared trips are not much more than a six-hour share so if you want the most time on the water without paying a small fortune this is your best bet. On the rarest of occasions a boat will return from a Maui deep sea fishing trip without anything but it's not too likely. Maui fishing is something every avid angler should experience. If there's time, Maui snorkeling or diving trips will reveal what you won't see from the boat. Not only will you be fishing in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, you'll also get an eyeful of the many coastal attractions while trolling or heading out to the different honey holes your captain takes you to.

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