Maui Hiking

Maui's beautiful and diverse attractions offer visitors an array of things to do, both active and exciting or completely relaxing and serene. Hiking in Maui is a popular choice when seeking an active day trip or overnight camping excursion. Hiking areas in Maui present plenty of opportunity for every physical ability and level of experience. A strenuous Maui hiking trip could include a visit to Haleakala National Park where the varying terrain offers plenty of choices for the avid hiker.

Maui Hiking
Maui Hiking

There is an abundance of hiking tours Maui operators offer for those who'd rather trek with an experienced guide. Tours are also a great choice for those interested in detailed history, culture, geology, flora and fauna. Ranging from short and undemanding to lengthy and rigorous expeditions, there are many options available with hiking tours Maui guides offer. Choose from half or full day Maui tours in a variety of affordable prices. Look for hiking tours Maui guides offer that limit the group number to less than ten for the best hikes around the island. Tour operators can be found through Maui hotels, travel agents and online and be sure to compare a variety of rates.

Maui Hiking Trails
Maui Hiking Trails

For a fairly vigorous Maui hiking trip try the Waihee Ridge Trail 5-mile loop. Ascend to 1,500 feet while hiking in Maui through flourishing ferns and lush guava, kukui and ohi'a. An early start is best if you want to see a cloudless, stunning valley. If you plan on hiking Maui trails at Waihee you can reach the trailhead via mile marker six on Highway 340 at Maluhia Boy Scout Camp. Head a mile in on the road to the small parking lot where the trail begins.

At the beginning there doesn't seem to be much to the trail until your start your ascension. You'll realize then that this trail is a lot steeper than it looks! At a half-mile along the Waihee Ridge, take a look on your left for a sensational view of the powerful Makamaka'ole Falls. Linger here as long as you can as the other waterfalls are buried deeply in the sylvan-draped valleys of the westside mountains and inaccessible. The Maui hiking trail alternates from steep to flatter areas and ends in a chain of switchbacks leading to the end at Lani-ili hill.

When you're looking for easy and enjoyable hiking areas in Maui, try Kuloa Point Trail. Take your time along this half-mile loop stretching from the Visitor Center at Kipahulu to the beautiful coastline at Kuloa Point. You'll pass Hawaiian habitation sites and historic walls as you traverse over a hala tree grove. Further on you'll be blessed with marvelous ocean views, towering cliffs and numerous large pools. When you're on this trail hiking Maui snorkeling in the beckoning ocean waters may seem like a good idea but be assured it's very dangerous. Extremely strong currents, high surf and sharks are constant hazzards. Stick to the pools for swimming.

Maui Volcano
Maui Volcano

Wai'anapanapa Coastal Trail is also terrific for hiking in Maui when you only want to trek a few miles. The rugged lava coastline is one of the best Maui attractions in the area and follows the trail from Kainalimu Bay on the King's Highway. For easier access, smooth stones blanket the rough cinders and lava rock improving Maui hiking conditions along the trail. Jet-black lava rocks jutting into the azure water create a scenic contrast and sweeping vista of the dense Hana Forest Reserve. Two miles down the coastline is Waianapanapa State Park where there are cabins for rent, restrooms, picnic tables and showers. The Maui hiking trail continues on the Pukaulua Point. Anglers should take along a pole as Maui fishing along the shoreline is excellent. Boots are highly recommended for hiking Maui here as the lava rock is jagged.

Some of the hiking Maui provides is arduous and comparable to the challenge of hiking the lush Kalalau Trail along the Napali Coast in Kauai. There are numerous trails visitors can hike on their own. Some good advanced planning, familiarity with the trail map and packing the correct necessities are the best ingredients for a successful and truly enjoyable journey along a variety of hiking areas in Maui.

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