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Below calm ocean currents Maui's beauty rivals that of all Maui attractions above water. Breathtaking aquatic scenes display angelfish, needlefish, a variety of crustaceans and more feeding on some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the area. For the best Maui snorkeling conditions visitors should take a few things into consideration. Strong swells and recent rainfall or storms can cause less than desirable visibility and more frustration than enjoyment. Proper equipment is also imperative for a successful aquatic journey.

A trip to the Maui Ocean Center before plunging into the warm ocean for Maui snorkeling adventures can be a great help in identifying and also appreciating underwater life. The sensational exhibits and displays allow visitors to better understand the behaviors of sensitive marine animals and which underwater landscapes will reveal certain species. Summer months are best for snorkeling in Maui while during the winter a wetsuit is necessary if you're planning on being immersed for some time.

Maui Snorkeling Fish
Maui Snorkeling Fish

Some of the best Maui snorkeling is along Honolu'a Bay on the east side of Maui and great for all levels. It's also a favorite surfing spot during north swells when Maui snorkeling is at its worst. On either side of the bay there are magnificent coral structures and a host of vibrant, energetic fish. It's also a favorite snorkeling spot due good chances of seeing majestic green sea turtles. If you're snorkeling in Maui here note that the area is a designated marine reserve so don't take anything but photos.

Others claim the best snorkeling in Maui is off Kaanapali Beach in Lahaina. Black Rock divides the Maui beaches of Kahekili and Ka'anapali and acts as a spectacular wall dive for those snorkeling in Maui. The area is perfect for both beginner and intermediate levels. There are also many other things to do for those who prefer not to snorkel such as great Maui fishing at the end of the beach. There is a large expanse of coral that's attached onto the lava rock outcropping and houses numerous creatures and feeding fish. The absence of strong swells makes Maui snorkeling here some of the safest and clearest. Night dives are popular and often snorkelers will see octopus' and turtles. For those needing a snorkel rental Maui shops along the beach are abundant.

For those who love coral reefs, Olowalu is the best Maui snorkeling spot of all. Comprising acres of incredible coral reefs, it's easy to spend the entire day and not see everything. It may be slightly cloudy when you first get in but a little further into the water it clears right up. There are numerous channels of sand to follow out until you're a safe distance above the reef. The area is south about ten miles from Lahaina on Highway 30. For snorkel rentals Maui doesn't accommodate in this area where there are no facilities so you'll need to bring one along. Pack a lunch and stay for the afternoon so you have plenty of time for exploring.

Instead of a snorkel rental Maui visitors may want to consider purchasing their own equipment but only if it will be used again. If not, it's best to pay the low cost of a weekly rental if you plan to snorkel a lot. Per day snorkel gear costs almost half of a weekly rental and a snorkel purchase is roughly equivalent to renting for four consecutive weeks. Beginner's might want to consider a dry snorkel, also known as a dry purge snorkel. This type of snorkel will keep water out of the tube by funneling it away from the mouthpiece. It's also crucial to be equipped with a well fitting mask to ensure that it doesn't leak, which will only spoil the experience.

There are a myriad of great places for Maui snorkeling accessible from the shoreline but for some, the best Maui snorkeling is in greater depths accessible by arranging one of the many Maui tours by boat. Boat trips to Molokai and Lanai offer some of the most diverse conditions and showcase some marine species that don't frequent the shorelines. Snorkeling near Molokini Crater is popular as well and can only be reached by boat. To truly enjoy Maui snorkeling all you need is the proper equipment. Choose a location, head over and get ready to experience some of the most beautiful underwater terrain you've ever seen!

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