Maui Surfing

There is a laundry list of excellent Maui surfing spots. From professionals to wannabes to those taking there first Maui surfing lessons, it seems that everyone on the island enjoys catching a wave or two. Maui's exotic and challenging breaks are world-renowned, with surfers from all over the world descending on these Hawaiian beaches looking for the ultimate in water sports. One of the most important parts of surfing, however, is knowing where to go.

Surfing in Maui is broken into two seasons, winter and summer. Though the weather seems to remain pretty constant to the casual observer, shifting trade winds and ocean swells mean that different parts of the island are getting the best waves at different times. The winter surfing season begins in November – it is during this time that surfers flock to the northern and western shores of Maui, where swells that began as Arctic blasts as far away as Alaska finally hit the Hawaiian shores. Maui surfing extraordinaires will set upon Honolua Bay during these months, fourteen miles north of Lahaina. Another popular spot is Ho'okipa, which is one of the few Maui surfing spots that is eminently surfable year round. Thus many competitions are held here, though the casual surfer will have to put up with sharing their waves with a high contingency of windsurfers.

Maui Surfing
Maui Surfing

The summer months bring gentler waves, and are better for those attempting their first Maui surfing lessons. Puamana is great for beginners and experts, while Ma'alaea is equipped with a famed pipeline that boasts the fastest waves in the world. The perfect waves that hit Honolua Bay in the winter make there way south to Lahaina Harbor in the summer months, making it the perfect hangout for moderately talented surfers. Even so, this is still one of the most popular and easiest places to get a few Maui surfing lessons under your belt.

Launiupoki is one of the longest standing areas for surfing in Maui, and gets a good mix of novices and lifelong boarders. Launiupoki is not far from the Lahaina Harbor, so it is a good spot to go if the surrounding areas are a little too crowded for your tastes.

Maui Surfing Beaches
Maui Surfing Beaches

If you prefer longboarding, Mala Wharf is the where to go for Maui surfing. Though a lot more unreliable when it comes to quality, it is somewhat consistent enough in the summer to keep it atop the list of best waves when it comes to longboarding.

If you do not fear the ocean's rough, arbitrary punishment, check out Peahi, near the city Pauwela. Also known as "Jaws," surfing in Maui does not get more intense than this. The waves here are the largest in the world and can reach up to 70 feet in height, and are formed only for the most dedicated daredevils of Hawaii.

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