Maui Vacation Rentals

One of the top tourist meccas in America, not to mention the world, Hawaii has shown significant restraint when it comes to balancing the islands' natural wonders with the need to accommodate tourism, the chain's most important industry. And Maui is no different, as Maui vacation rentals often fit seamlessly into the island's rich and exotic surroundings, offering visitors a unique chance to enjoy the beautiful natural splendor that is all around them while retaining a feel for the familiar - the island's main towns and out-of-the-way tourists hotspots all feature the trappings of Americana that allow the visitor a taste of home in this exotic locale.

The most important choice when finding a vacation rental in Maui Hawaii is deciding where on the island to stay. Though renting cars is a popular and economically sound choice - especially considering that taking a trip down the Hana highway is a virtual must for any traveler, while the rest of the island is compact enough to be able to see large portions of Maui regardless of your length of stay - you will still be spending long periods of time in the location of your Maui vacation rental.

Maui Vacation Rentals
Maui Vacation Rentals

Almost every major city has a vast array of hotels, villas and beachfront condos. Hotels are as varied as they come, though the resort towns of Lahaina and Wailua offer the grandest, while Hana hotels make their name on their outstanding location. Hotels in Kahului are also quite popular, due to their legitimately urban atmosphere, not to mention convenience. The island's airport is in the city, making the Maui vacation rentals here a mix of utilitarian business class lodgings with the more exotic choices that are mirrored throughout the rest of the island.

The most popular vacation rental in Maui Hawaii is the villa. Though the term is a bit nebulous when applied to all the different kinds of lodgings that bear its name, most Maui villas are larger units designed for families or groups and offering pristine accommodations for the same price as an average hotel stay. Infused with a slightly more independent air, these villas are equally perfect for luxuriating in the privacy, or as a home base in which to explore the rest of Maui.

Condos take this to the next level, though. These Maui vacation rentals are often for those ready to head off into the island's copious natural wonders. Though clean and nice and usually a pretty good size, they are often located away from the beach, deep in the heart of the city. And while this is certainly not always the case, make sure you carefully map out where the condo is before purchasing a vacation rental in Maui Hawaii.

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