Maui Volcano Tour

Maui Volcano Tour
Maui Volcano Tour

A Maui volcano tour is an experience that isn't easily duplicated and is hard to forget. Many of companies that offer Maui tours include a visit to one of Hawaii's natural treasures, a dormant volcano. Suitable for all types of fitness levels, your options run the gamut from low-impact bus tours to high-octane multi-day hiking tours. Whichever route you plan to take, you can expect to see something spectacular along the way.

Haleakala Tour
Haleakala Tour

Haleakala National Park, a popular setting for a Maui volcano tour, is home to the island's highest peak. The name means "house of the rising sun," and the Haleakala Crater can be seen about anywhere you roam on the island. A sunrise volcano tour in Maui is a fantastic way to learn how Haleakala got its name. Whether you explore on foot, by bicycle, or even helicopter, a tour of the volcano will introduce some of the most unique and fragile ecosystems on earth. Along the way, interpretive signs and exhibits at the visitor center introduce the volcano and its unique natural history. Taking a guided tour is another fantastic way to learn more about the Rising Sun.

Tours of Haleakala
Tours of Haleakala

Many of the local tour companies provide visitors with guided tours of Haleakala, giving visitors the chance to see the volcano up close and learn more about it. A guided Maui volcano tour by helicopter can whisk you high above the crater in quite an exhilarating experience. Other tours will delight active travelers, offering the chance to hike and get up close to nature. These tour experiences often can be customized towards the interests of the participants, even offering pick ups at your Maui hotels.

If you're looking for a truly special way to experience Maui's dormant natural wonder, consider waking up early. Some of the tours getting starting as soon as 4 a.m., but your efforts in getting up early will be rewarded. Watching the dawn give way to the bright golden light of the sun as it rises over the crater is worthy of being captured by photos and your memory. After Mother Nature has completed her show, you'll have plenty of time to continue to the tour, starting with breakfast followed by an early-morning hike. And you'll still have time to take a nap before lunchtime before you get out and explore again.

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