Maui Waterfalls

The island of Maui is teeming with waterfalls. The Hana highway is littered with them, it's hard to throw a rock and not hit one, even if it is just a small one, trickling its way down the mountainside. Though the most famous Hawaiian waterfalls lie on the Big Island, there are plenty of places to see water cascading downwards at one of the many Maui waterfalls. Whether you are venturing forth for sightseeing, as part of a romantic getaway, or just looking for a spot to stretch your legs between drives, there are plenty of waterfalls to capture your attention. The adventurous (and rich) might even be interested in the growing trend of waterfall weddings in Maui, many of them located near the Hotel Hana-Maui and Honua Spa, or within a couple miles' vicinity.

By far the most popular of the Maui waterfalls is the Seven Pools as Kipahulu. Nearby idyllic beaches and effervescent tropical growth, the pools are completely untouched by civilization, a beckoning reminder of all that nature can provide. The pools lay amongst fern-strewn valleys and meandering mountainsides. Located just off the Hana highway, it surpasses every expectation.

Apparently pools come in collections of seven near Maui waterfalls, as Seven Sacred Pools of O'heo Gulch. The Pipiwai streams descend down the waterfalls on their way to the ocean, leaving large pools in their wake. Though the area is usually quite crowded on the weekends, it is still home to a large percentage of the previously mentioned waterfall weddings in Maui. With the cascading water in the background and one of the sacred pools at their feet, couples can take their first step into married life at the base of O'heo Gulch.

Another of the Maui waterfalls on the Hana highway is the Waikani Falls, also known as the Three Bears falls. It is the upper section of the larger, more popular Wailua Falls, but the quieter section has its benefits, further from the crowds, you can immerse yourself in Hawaii's impressive tropical jungles. The lower section offers a waterfall of well over 1000 feet, one of the largest on the island of Maui.

Also one of the popular sites for waterfall weddings in Maui is the Helele'ike'oha Falls, commonly referred to as the Blue Angel Falls. The pools at the base offer a wondrously romantic atmosphere, while the rushing water matches the rushing pulses of those entering marriage. For the rest of us, the falls offer a mesmerizing view, and the boulder infested waters offer refreshing opportunities to swim. Only the Three Bears Falls offers a closer look at nature, as native birds, fish and even the occasional wild pig can cross your path as you explore Helele'ike'oha.

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