Maui Whale Watching

The official marine mammal of the Hawaiian Islands, humpback whales migrate to the western shores of Maui, where tourists come for whale watching. Winter in the Hawaiian Islands sees a sharp rise in visitors and tourism centered on Maui whale watching. Starting in October and extending to as late as May, whale watching is one of the most popular things to do in the Hawaiian Islands. West Maui is the site of Maui whale watching of the Humpbacks as they feed, mate, and take care of their young in the warm waters of the Hawaiian Islands.

Two thirds of the humpback whales in the North Pacific, which is about 4 to 5000 whales, swim for 3,000 miles to the South Pacific, far from their feeding areas in Alaska. Once they reach the Hawaiian Islands, they make up the most visible aquatic marine activity and are the center of attention for Maui whale watching. You can see the acrobatics of the males and hear their calls as they compete for the attentions of the female, so you are guaranteed to see this type of activity if you go on one of the Maui whale watching tours. In addition to jumping, whale watching will allow you to see the humpbacks nursing their young, mating and giving birth.

These animals are so large that you can see them in the air from miles away, even if you're not whale watching. Moms teach their young how to breach, as the jumping is calls, and adult males have showdowns, making this one of the best places for whale watching Hawaii has to offer. If you're snorkeling or diving, you can hear the mating calls of the male humpback whales, adding another dimension to Maui whale watching.

In addition to seeing the animals while you're whale watching, taking your Maui whale watching tours with the Island Marine Institute adds depth to your whale watching experience. These research vessels identify and track the animals, as well as monitor their behavior. Just by taking pictures and enjoying the best spot for whale watching Hawaii has to offer, you contribute to the important effort of learning about the whales. You can also be sure that when you take one of the Island Marine Institute's Maui whale watching tours, the regulations prohibiting anyone to come close that 100 yards in the sea will be respected.

Maui Princess Cruises collaborates with the Island Marine Institute, so this is a company that can also introduce you to some of the best whale watching Hawaii has to offer. If you're inspired enough to go whale watching, you will be glad you added this incredible experience to your Hawaii vacation.

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