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Maui zipline experiences are a chance to soar through the trees, enjoying a thrill that can't be duplicated on the ground. Unlike Maui bike tours and hiking excursions that keep you firmly grounded on terra firma, a zipline adventure will send you hundreds of feet off the ground in an experience you won't soon forget. You don't need any experience to get going; as long as your fit and ready for adventure, you can step into a harness and start soaring.

Skyline Zip Tours, a pioneer of Maui zipline packages, opened its operations in 2002, quickly amassing a large group of people who soared to the clouds and had a good time in the process. This Maui zipline is easy to access from the Kaanapali hotels and both of the island's airports, and it feels a million miles away from the ordinary world. As you soar to the top of the trees, you find panoramic vistas dotted with valleys, plunging cliffs, and nature at its most unspoiled. With eight ziplines, the guided tour offers an paralleled vantage point to see waterfalls and sweeping views of the Maui landscape. The company makes the effort to keep it Maui zipline tours and other operations carbon neutral, helping to preserve this amazing landscape for future generations.

Skyline's original Maui zipline tours were so popular, the company quickly opened a second location. The second canopy tour kicks off close to the entrance of Haleakala National Park, where the Haleakala Crater is located. The second Maui zipline location offers the same thrills and amazing views as the original location. On either tour, safety is a top priority. Passengers need to be at least ten years old and meet weight and height requirements. The guides will ensure that all of the harnesses and safety equipment fit property before the adventure begins.

While Skyline was one of the first companies to bring ziplines to America, some other companies have gotten in on the action. In a few years, Maui zipline packages became one of the most popular things to do for visitors and locals alike. Another company sets you soaring through the West Maui Mountains. Tours begin with a pick up at one of the local hotels and a ride on the open-air ATV powered by biodiesel through the pineapple fields. The observation deck where the zipline adventures begin is 1,400 feet above sea level, just the beginning of the adventure. If you'd like to experience even more fun, you could add a visit to the high-ropes course to your package or a pineapple excursion. Even the most mild at heart will enjoy the tour of Maui's pineapple fields, complete with some truly fresh fruit to take with you at the end of the tour.

The Piiholo ranch also offers Maui zipline packages. Located on the edge of the rainforest high above the Pacific coast, the ranch already was a favorite place for Maui tours, offering horseback riding excursions and some excellent shopping opportunities. The zipline tour can accommodate four people, soaring side-by-side for miles through the forest of eucalyptus, ohia, and koa trees. These Maui zipline tours kick off after a walk along a suspension bridge before the adventure again. Ranch visitors also have the chance to test their mettle and have some fun climbing Tango Tower. If you want to soak in the views without strapping on a harness or doing some climbing, you can relax at the treehouse. Its expansive desks are a great place to grab some photographs and soak in the tropical breezes.

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