Maui Nightlife

Noticeably less frenetic than its counterpart islands—mainly Oahu's Honolulu and busy Waikiki Beach—Maui nightlife glides along at a pleasant pace with the odd spike in evening activities during peak tourist seasons. The island of Maui isn't where hard-core party people go, yet it does offer numerous options for evening entertainment. Though fairly quiet and serene during daytime hours, Maui nightlife is the evidence that though the island is tranquil, there is definitely room for plenty of fun once the sun goes down.

A popular option for couples on Maui honeymoons is a romantic dinner cruise. Watch a gorgeous Maui sunset, enjoy beautiful ocean views, and dine on tasty local fare. A good alternative for those trying to avoid Maui bars yet still wanting a few drinks and some time to mingle, dinner cruises are widely available and feature great evening entertainment in the form of luaus, musical acts, and other live performances.

If dinner and dancing is an appealing option, dining in South or West Maui is a great choice. The wide range of restaurants, from casual ocean-view fish houses to upscale candlelit restaurants, offers visitors a chance to choose an ideal atmosphere, whatever the occasion. Maui's signature feature is seaside dining, and one way to begin exploring nightlife in Maui is at a great restaurant. A relaxing option for Maui nightlife on the quieter side is to take in a live music performance while dining.

Maui Nightlife
Maui Nightlife

Nightlife in Maui takes on many faces. With so many tourists and so many interests, the evening agenda is open to almost anything you feel like doing. For the best Maui clubs, Lahaina is the top choice. Lahaina nightlife also includes dancing at a number of the larger area resorts. In the evening, Lahaina bustles with activity, including window-shoppers, those cruising popular Front Street, bar-hoppers, and people-watchers. It's the place to be when looking for things to do in the evening.

Once the sun sets the island beat speeds up, and for visitors looking for fun Maui clubs and bars, there are many offering a variety of music, events, and environments. The most popular of all Maui bars and clubs is the Hard Rock Cafe. Located in Lahaina, home to the best nightlife in Maui, the Hard Rock is always bustling with vibrant crowds. With great cocktails, frequent live music, and a great location, the Hard Rock Cafe is a good choice for going out. Lahaina nightlife always keeps up a busy pace. This well-frequented area is the best place on the island for younger crowds looking for social opportunities.

Bars in Kihei
Bars in Kihei

Other busy Maui bars and clubs on the western part of the island are in Kaanapali and Kapalua, as well as other resort areas of Wailea, Kahului, Makawao, and Kihei. These establishments range from Maui clubs featuring top DJs to bars showcasing the best of island jazz, blues, R&B, hip-hop, and even classical music. Most Maui hotels offer information about live shows around the island plus other special events happening locally. Many Maui bars are located right inside some of the island hotels, and they include anything from laid-back pubs with live music to sleek wine bars.

A luau is another of the top contenders for Maui nightlife options. Highlighted by a traditional, delicious Hawaiian feast and followed by an exciting live performance of song and dance, this is where you'll see the famous hula. Fire dances, island rhythms played on gourds and drums, traditional dress, and captivating hula dancing are in store at a typical island luau. This is a great choice for families but can be fun for all visitors. Generally set seaside in an ideal location for a beautiful sunset, luaus feature delectable local fare such as succulent poi, oven roasted kahlua pig, and other favorites such as popular island barbecue, salads and tasty desserts.

Whether you're drawn to the upbeat pace of Lahaina nightlife, interested in a relaxing dinner cruise, seeking out a good luau for you or your family, or just looking for a place to walk around and explore, Maui has plenty of options for activities after sunset. Lacking in raucous, noisy crowds, yet still accommodating the need to blow off some steam and meet new people, Maui offers the perfect combination for all types of socializing.

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