Secret Beach Maui

Most visitors to the island spend some time looking for a secret beach in Maui—and many come home believing they have found their own special one. Little hidden gems abound all along the coastline, especially in the places that are somewhat removed from the major resort areas and larger towns, such as along the Hana Road and on the rugged southeastern shores of the island. But there is a Secret Beach Maui that actually bears that name. It is located in Paaka Cove, south of Makena's Big Beach and north of the Ahihi Kinau Natural Marine Reserve. This is one of the less developed areas on Maui, and most of the vacation rentals, condos, and resort hotels are located farther north.

Secret Beach Maui is quite a small beach, and it is one of the most photogenic on the island. It is also known for its spectacular sunsets, another of the prime criteria that people seek for their Maui weddings. Weather is reliably good here, as the area is one of the most arid on the island, with only about ten inches of rainfall per year. Thus, you are apt to see more than one wedding ceremony occurring on the Secret Beach in Maui at any given time, especially in the late afternoons. This little beach is rocky, with only a small sandy area. It is good for few water sports, such as swimming or surfing. But because of the rocks and lava outcroppings, it is one of the island's best places for Maui snorkeling. There are no restroom or shower facilities, and it is not a lifeguard beach. There are usually good views of offshore islands Molokai and Kahoolawe, and it is also a good whale watching spot from November through April.

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