Seven Sacred Pools

One of the most popular Maui tourist attraction is the Haleakala National Park, on the southwestern part of the island. Within it some of the true gems of Maui lie. The abundant Maui hiking trails inside the park are a haven for those wanting to explore the vast and varied terrain of the park in one of Maui's oldest areas. Split into mountainous and wilderness areas, there are trails for a variety of hiking levels. Inside the Kipahula area of Haleakala National Park lies a genuine treasure, the Seven Sacred Pools. Haleakala Park officials refer to this area as the Oheo Gulch but it's commonly known by tourists as the Seven Sacred Pools In Maui.

Visitors can access the Kipahula area by a ten mile drive past Hana Town via the well-known Hana Road route the Maui shoreline. Kipahula comprises both the treasured and unspoiled reserve that is restricted to visitors because of its biological sensitivity and the beautiful coastal region that is easily accessed and open to visitors. The Seven Sacred Pools are found along the coast and are considered one of the most striking natural wonders in all of Maui, Hawaii.

Comprising a number of freshwater pools, which many say number much more than seven, and rushing waterfalls, when conditions are good it's a great place to cool off with a lazy swim. The pools and all other freshwater is considered sacred by Hawaiians as freshwater is the connection to life. The assorted pools vary in elevation and size and are most pronounced when rainfalls are heavy. The drive is not worth it if any droughts were recently experienced as the pools will be virtually non existent. Park officials warn against swimming in the pool closest to the ocean as currents in the area can be strong and dangerous.

Hiking in Kipahula is a Maui tourist attraction many experience and consider to be one of the most rewarding of trail networks on the island. Hikes to the Seven Sacred Pools are easily self guided and visually stunning. Inhabited by native Hawaiians for centuries, Kipahula has major cultural significance. The Visitor Center offers cultural demonstrations in Kipahula and can inform visitors of more details.

The best route to the Seven Sacred Pools in Maui is along the two-mile Pipiwai Trail that continues alongside the arterial stream and through Oheo Gulch. It begins at a ranger station where the only restrooms are available. Be sure to obey all cautionary signs and swim only where signs indicate are safe. There is no safe access to the ocean at all from here because of the rough and jagged rocks along the entire shore at Kipahula.

Most visitors take 30-40 minutes to reach the Seven Sacred Pools. The trail head leads up a steep incline so hiking shoes or boots are best for the trek. From the coastal viewpoint by the Seven Sacred Pools whales, dolphins, turtles and other sea life can often be glimpsed in the ocean water. The Seven Sacred Pools in Maui is a great area for binoculars and bird watchers might want to bring along a pair for a closer look at the abundance of seabirds in the area. Maui tours are available for exploring the Kipahula Valley in more depth and offer a complete narration of the history, culture and geography. Guides can be found all around the island.

From this Maui tourist attraction there are some other things to do in the area. A drive back to the peaceful town of Hana is a great option for filling up a fun afternoon. Great Maui fishing can be enjoyed from the pier at Hana Bay and bait is available at the general store in town, as well as snacks and cold drinks. In this area of Maui snorkeling is also possible along the crescent-shaped beach.

For a stunning scenic drive take Hana Road to the Wailua Lookout and Waikani Waterfall where there's a beautiful vista of the Keanae Peninsula sculpted by ancient Haleakala lava. Hana Road also leads to a few remote Maui Beaches such as Hookipa near Paia town, great for surfing, boogie boarding and swimming. Take your Seven Sacred Pools daytime adventure and turn it into a fabulous day trip with great accesses from Hana Road to many other fantastic Maui attractions along the coast.


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