Things To Do in Maui

Though Maui offers the perfect setting for true rest and relaxation, there are so many appealing activities in Maui that it can be hard to sit still. The huge number of things to do in Maui makes this island a favorite for active travelers. Often called the best island in the world, Maui's diverse outdoor opportunities, combined with the best in dining, shopping, and sightseeing, create an unequaled vacation destination for visitors of all ages.

Maui Cruises

Ocean cruises are one of the greatest avenues for exploring the island. Available in many varieties, there is an ideal cruise for everyone. Dinner cruises, diving cruises, and whale watching cruises are only a few of the choices found throughout Maui. Cruising is a great way to see the many attractions and sights along Maui's picturesque shoreline.


The best underwater attractions in Maui are most easily seen during dives. Diving is one of the top activities in Maui and offers unrivaled opportunities to see exotic fish and other sea life. Colorful reefs, deep, underwater caverns, and sheer seaside cliffs are a few of the sights to see. Top diving attractions include the Molokini Crater and the volcanic crater near Wailea.


With an interesting history behind it, the island of Maui's museums offer a way to access island history while seeing many important artifacts and learning about island culture. Old missionary homes, the Whaler's Museum, Hana Cultural Center and Museum, the Lahaina Heritage Museum, and many more provide a thorough look at the island's past, geography, industry, and culture.

Dolphin Swims

Swimming with dolphins is one of the most exciting activities in Maui and offers a matchless experience to interact with marine mammals. Hawaii's Spinner Dolphin is the most popular species to swim with, and Maui is second only to Big Island for opportunities to swim with these fascinating animals.


Free Things in Maui
Free Things in Maui

The city of Lahaina offers scores of things to do in Maui. Well-known as a great spot for thriving nightlife, Lahaina also has fantastic dining options, great island shopping, plenty of affordable tours, and lots of sightseeing on foot. Brimming with museums, adventure cruises, golf courses, clubs, and bars, this is a top spot for activities in Maui.


Maui Eco-Tours
Maui Eco-Tours

Eco tours offer many green options when looking for things to do in Maui. Snorkeling with sea turtles, kayaking, canoeing, whale watching, and other discovery tours offer an unprecedented way to get close to nature on the island.


Things To Do in Maui
Things To Do in Maui

Along the shores of the numerous beautiful beaches, there are many things to do in Maui, such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and exploring. With more than 30 miles of sandy shores, Maui's cerulean waters, clear skies, and gorgeous sunsets are easily accessible for all. Kaanapali Beach, Kahana Beach, Wailea Beach, Big Beach, and others offer many great activities in Maui.


Traditional and exciting, luaus are one of the top attractions in Maui. Learn about this magnificent Polynesian culture through hula and other traditional dance, and taste the finest local fare, including sumptuous barbecue, salads, desserts, and cocktails.


South and West Maui provide an incredible array of dining choices. Those who travel in Maui always boast about the great food available. From casual to upscale, Maui's restaurants offer great food along with fantastic ocean-side scenery.

Scenic drives

Maui Activities
Maui Activities

Maui is one of the most striking Hawaiian islands, which means there are great opportunities for road trips and scenic drives. Visitors with rental cars should take to the highway to explore the many beautiful areas, and it's often possible to go camping as well, if you want to stretch your drive into more than one day. Two of the biggest attractions in Maui are especially popular for drives—the beautiful Hana Highway and Haleakala National Park, complete with one breathtaking view after another.

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