Best Time to go to Maui

The best time to go to Maui is any time you have the opportunity. This may seem trite, but the fact that the island is situated at the edge of the tropical zone means that you can expect pristine weather just about year round. There are essentially only two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The dry season generally corresponds to the late spring and summer months and lasts from April to October, while the rainy season lasts from November through March. It is noteworthy, however, that this state that is entirely comprised of islands also features many different microclimates, due to the broad topographical diversity, including mountains, coastal plains, and deep valleys and tropical forests.

Best Time to go to Maui
Best Time to go to Maui

Most people base their decision for the best month to visit Maui on whenever it is that the weather is at its most inclement wherever they happen to live. It is no coincidence that the busiest tourist season in all of Hawaii directly corresponds to the winter months in colder climates. As such, the greatest concentrations of tourists are to be found on Maui between the months of December and March. The last two weeks of December leading up to the Christmas holiday season are perhaps the busiest weeks of them all on this particular island in Hawaii. If you plan to travel to Maui during this time, it is highly advisable that you make your reservations for Maui hotels and book your airline tickets as far in advance as possible.

Best Time for Maui Travel
Best Time for Maui Travel

The seasons of spring and fall are by far the most advantageous months to travel, and this is true for a multitude of reasons. First of all, these happen to be the times of the year when the climate and temperatures are the most agreeable. These are also the least busy times and when it is most possible to secure deals and discounts on everything from hotel costs and airfare to tour admissions and restaurant tabs. Packaged travel deals can be found in relative abundance during these seasons, offering a double reward for those people who will be heading to Hawaii when the weather is at its very best.

Best Time to Visit Maui
Best Time to Visit Maui

Typically, the summer months in Hawaii see high temperatures in the high 80s and low temperatures in the 70s at night. The winter months are consistent with the rest of the year, featuring high temperatures in the low 80s, with low temperatures rarely ever dropping into the 60s, even at night. The weather is exceptionally beautiful year round, and makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the myriad activities that are available, including surfing, scuba diving, boating, and swimming.

Much like other islands in Hawaii, there is no bad time to travel to Maui when it comes to the weather, but if you wish to avoid high costs and relatively dense tourist traffic, then it is advisable to choose your dates for travel during the spring or fall. This way you will enjoy the full breadth of what the island has to offer without having to jockey for position with thousands of other people.

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