Wailuku Hotels

Wailuku hotels reflect the small-town feel and pleasant nature of the area. While Wailuku is technically the administrative seat of power in Maui, it’s far eclipsed in size and commercial standing by the neighboring town of Kahului. As a result, Wailuku lodging retains a down to earth and relaxed sensibility. Hotels in Wailuku are normally family-run guesthouses, as opposed to the opulent resorts of Kaanapali or the towering condos of Kihei. When it comes to finding the right lodging option for you, there are plenty of options to consider for accommodations in Wailuku.

Of the Wailuku hotels, The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono proves a fantastic option for singles, couples, honeymooners, and families. Quite simply, hotels in Wailuku aren't any more accommodating than this. A historic building in a calm and peaceful part of town, it’s run by helpful innkeepers who know Wailuku and the various Maui attractions inside out.

The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono is an authentic plantation-style house that’s been turned into a great site for Wailuku lodging. Upscale and comfortable, its bedrooms and social areas are fantastically atmospheric. This is the type of place where whiling away hours is never a strain on one’s patience. The veranda is particularly noteworthy—it offers views of the inn’s surrounding gardens, and it is the perfect place to sip coffee while reading, writing, sketching, or doing nothing at all.

Another example of one of the great Wailuku hotels is the Wailuku Guesthouse, which is another clean, comfortable, and sociable place. Creature comforts here include a sizable swimming pool and a barbecue grill. As with the Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono—and, for that matter, most Wailuku lodging destinations—the Wailuku Guesthouse is easily affordable, making sure you can save some money for trips to Maui attractions such as the Banyan Tree Park and Black Beach.

Other accommodations that could be classified as hotels in Wailuku include the Maui Seaside Hotel and the Maui Beach Hotel. While these are situated in the neighboring town of Kahului, the distance between the two settlements is so small that the differing names can almost be considered a technicality. Both hotels are within a short drive of the airport at Kahului, one of Maui’s two airports, making them convenient places for a one-night stopover. What’s more, they both provide excellent value, featuring well-maintained bedrooms and social areas, along with pools and associated activities. Furthermore, both the Maui Seaside Hotel and the Maui Beach Hotel afford views over the ocean—something you won’t find at the hotels in Wailuku.

Maui is full of things to do, and as such there are numerous day trips out from Wailuku that might interest you. A trip to the nearby Iao Valley State Park, for example, is highly recommended. There you can take in the famous natural rock formation of the Iao Needle while strolling along footpaths through Hawaii’s breathtaking scenery. The park is best accessed by car, making car rentals an appealing option. Stay at the Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono and you will get a special deal on such rentals.

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