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A considerable amount of effort goes into planning Oahu vacations. Choosing accommodation is a top priority, and with so many options available it can be hard to make a final selection. Private Oahu villas, Honolulu hotels, Waikiki resorts, North Shore vacation rentals—the list goes on and on. Fortunately, when you're planning another main component of your vacation—cheap airfare to Oahu—the right choice is an easy one. The lowest fares are the targets, and as long as the airlines to Honolulu offer the right travel dates, it's an easy decision.

If you're planning a trip to the island from outside of the Hawaiian chain, you'll need to purchase Oahu flights to accommodate your group. If you're staying on Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island, there are a couple of additional choices aside from flights to Honolulu. You may want to fly to Oahu on an inexpensive inter-island flight for fast travel time, but island cruises are another great way to travel. Oahu cruises aboard larger ships are the main choice for ocean travel, but if a cruise doesn't work into your plans, then Oahu flights are the way to go.

The main way to get to Oahu is via flights to Honolulu International Airport. At the airport, every tourist convenience and amenity is available. There is also a wide choice in shopping and dining, offering an easy way to pass the time during a layover. For a slightly higher cost than picking up a car in Honolulu, airport rental cars offer the easiest and most convenient way to travel to your hotel and around the island to explore attractions.

Honolulu airport hotels provide the ultimate in accessibility for business travelers and short-term visitors. If you fly to Oahu via Honolulu International Airport, there is also shuttle transportation offered into Waikiki and Honolulu by the airport and many Waikiki hotels and Honolulu hotels. Be sure to check if your hotel or Oahu resort offers this service. If it does, you can save a little extra by picking up your rental car in the city.

Flights to Honolulu can be expensive, and hotels and resorts are usually fully booked from the middle of December through March and even April. The busiest, and most costly, time to fly to Oahu is during the last two weeks in December, when Christmas vacations are in full swing and special events happen all over the island. Winter also brings forth the best surf conditions of the year, and along the North Shore the pros are in force. In the summer months, Oahu flights can be a little cheaper through cost-saving Oahu vacation packages. But even if you don't plan your vacation using a package, flights to Honolulu are less expensive in summer than in winter.

For the cheapest flights to Honolulu, plan to fly in the spring, except for the last week in April which is bustling with Japanese tourists celebrating Golden Week, or in the fall. Never worry about the weather as peak season popularity isn't really based upon it; rather, it's based on when the majority of travelers are allotted vacation time. Year-round Oahu temperatures are almost always between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, making the weather very agreeable. From November to March is the rainy season, but the rain is fleeting and certainly not enough to warrant staying away. The dry season is throughout the rest of the year, and hurricane season starts in June and lasts until November.

Although some might not want to fly to Oahu in the island's rainy season, others see the great advantage and cost-savings of doing just that. Major discounts on rental cars and hotels cater to smaller budgets and most attractions are far less crowded. You might even find yourself taking advantage of some secluded beaches, leaving the swarming crowds to fight for a prime spot on the seashore in December.

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