Honolulu Airport Shuttle

Once you arrive on your flight to the island of Oahu, you might need to depend on a Honolulu airport shuttle to get to your hotel. For those who plan on renting a car upon arrival, taking the shuttle from Honolulu Airport to your next destination won't be necessary, unless you wait until you're settled in before renting a car. Many Honolulu hotels feature rental car desks, so it's not imperative that you rent your car at the airport. If you are planning on spending time only in Honolulu during your Oahu visit, then it's good to know that you can depend on the Honolulu airport shuttle service get you to and from the island's main airport.

Finding an airport shuttle to Waikiki is as easy, as Waikiki is where the bulk of the Oahu hotels can be found. Whether you're staying at the sprawling Hilton Hawaiian Village or opting for the cheaper Ala Moana Hotel when staying in Waikiki, you can hop on an Oahu airport shuttle to get there in no time. There are numerous Oahu airport shuttle services you can turn to when looking to get to your Waikiki hotel, and because there is plenty of competition, the rates are generally favorable. You can choose to book your shuttle from Honolulu airport in advance, which will cost extra, or you can simply depend on the regularly scheduled airport shuttles, which are both safe and reliable. If you aren't arranging your shuttle from Honolulu airport in advance, finding a shuttle upon arrival won't be hard. The pickup points are well-marked, and you can always inquire at one of the airport information desks.

Waikiki isn't the only place worth checking out during your Oahu visit, and it certainly isn't the only destination that you can get to by way of an Oahu airport shuttle. Some of the shuttle companies here offer island-wide service, which is good to know if you are looking to stay at one of the Haleiwa hotels, for example. The Ko Olina Resort also begs a visit, as do east coast destinations such as Kailua and Kaneohe. You can always book a private Honolulu airport shuttle to get to these destinations, and return trips to the airport can be booked as well.

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