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If you're wondering which Oahu airport to fly to, your choices will be limited. The Honolulu International Airport, which is due west of the downtown area, is the main airport in Hawaii, and it's also the only major airport on the island of Oahu. A fairly large airfield and some military airstrips can also be found on the island, but as for the commercial airports on Oahu, there is only one. Even if you are planning to spend the bulk of your Hawaiian vacation on other islands, there is a good chance that you will arrive first at the Honolulu Airport. Connecting flights to the other islands leave on a regular basis from the Honolulu Oahu Airport, which makes inter-island travel easy. A large airport, the Honolulu International Airport still manages to be user-friendly, which is good news for anyone who is flying to Hawaii.

Most major airlines offer service to Honolulu International Airport, especially when it comes to the US carriers. As such, finding a flight to fit your schedule won't be hard. Because so many carriers offer flights to the main Oahu airport, you can also often find some good deals on rates. Comparing the prices of the flights across the board will usually pay off in the end, and if you can be flexible with your travel dates, all the better. It's often possible to find deals even if you are planning on flying direct, as the major US carriers offer direct flights from a number of cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City.

For those who are visiting Hawaii from another country, flights will be relatively easy to come by as well. Hawaiian Airlines, which is the largest carrier based in Hawaii, offers flights to and from destinations such as the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, and Tahiti, among others. If you're flying in from Europe, you will most likely have to make a stopover at some point, as direct flights are all but impossible to come by.

Like the Big Island of Hawaii, the Honolulu Airport is constantly growing, which makes the free airport shuttle a blessing of sorts. Once you arrive at the airport, you can either walk to the baggage area or hop on the Wiki-Wiki Bus, which is what the free shuttle is called. You can also hop on an airport shuttle that will take you to your hotel once you have your bags. Should you flying out of the Honolulu Oahu Airport, perhaps on a side trip to one of the other Hawaiian islands, you might also appreciate the new parking structure, which can hold up to 1,800 vehicles. It's important to note that you will be screened by agricultural officials before you depart on a flight from the Honolulu International Airport. Things like fresh fruit won't be allowed on board, which is due largely in part to the fruit-fly control. Inspected and certified fruits will be allowed, as will boxed and processed goods, so you can go that route if you want to bring agricultural Hawaiian goods home with you.

There might not be a lot of airports in Oahu, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. When you find yourself with time to pass at the Honolulu International Airport, the terminal complex boasts an array of shops and restaurants that you can visit. There is also a business center on-site, and it features conference rooms that you can use if you require more privacy. Hopefully, you won't need any medical treatment when visiting the Honolulu Airport, but if something should arise, it's good to know that the airport also offers around the clock medical services.

There aren't any other commercial airports in Oahu, but you just might find yourself at the Dillingham Airfield at some point during your visit. This regional airport, which is found on the island's North Shore, deals mostly with general aviation flights. In other words, it is mainly a recreation facility that serves as a base for such things as hang gliding, gliding, and parachuting excursions. Hang gliding is among the top things to do on the island of Oahu, so you might give it a try. Between the two airports in Oahu, the Dillingham Airfield is the one to visit when vacation thrills are what you have in mind.

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