Aulani Resort

The Aulani Resort is the place to go if you’re looking to combine a trip to Hawaii with a family vacation. This Disney resort Hawaii specializes in exposing visitors to local culture with a distinct Disney touch, and families can rest assured that all the service, fun, and magic they have come to expect of Disney will be delivered by this Hawaiian resort. Located in Ko Olina, a resort area on the leeward side of Oahu, this resort and spa has plenty to do for families, kids, couples on Oahu honeymoons, and single adults, too. From snorkeling to fishing to boating, all the pleasures of a Hawaii vacation are on offer at this Ko Olina Disney Resort.

While Hawaii may have a reputation for honeymoons and romantic travel, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty for families to enjoy. The Aulani Resort is a family resort with a variety of accommodation choices. Visitors will be able to choose between single-family homes, villas, and townhouses that offer a range of amenities. This range of choice is one thing visitors love about this Disney resort Hawaii. Whether you want the extra living space and kitchen facilities of the Disney Vacation Club Villas or prefer traditional resort rooms, the choice is up to you.

Arriving at the Ko Olina Disney Resort is simple. Located on the western shore of Oahu, just seventeen miles from the international airport in Honolulu, Aulani Resort is in an accessible area. The convenience continues once you reach this 21-acre resort; there are four restaurants, a massive spa, a fitness center, two lounges, shopping, and more. And all of this is before you even see the incredible beaches and volcano views. While some travelers might be worried that a resort with 460 villas and 359 hotel rooms will be overcrowded and lack service, in true Disney fashion, this resort delivers on customer service.

This Disney resort Hawaii also offers an incredible range of activities to keep your kids engaged and happy. The basics for fun are located on the sparkling white beach, where it will be easy to spend your days snorkeling, splashing around, or simply sunbathing. There are also a wide range of excursions available, including sailing, surfing, hiking, kayaking, and even cooking classes. If you’re looking to add some culture to your trip, look no further then the Discovery Experiences that will help your kids connect to local culture. From hiking the mountains to storytime to visiting local farms, you can give your kids much more than the resort experience when you visit Hawaii.

With all the places to stay in Hawaii, you might be wondering why to choose this Ko Olina Disney Resort. The answer is simple, people choose Disney Resorts for their commitment to service and ability to serve families. If you want a hassle free vacation where a knowledgeable staff can make a big difference in your trip, Disney is a good way to go. Beyond all of the incredible activities and excursions that will keep your kids entertained, they will also love the arrival of certain Disney characters at meals and more. For a romantic Hawaiian getaway combined with a family adventure, Aulani Resort in Oahu is a great choice.

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