Bishop Museum

Upon first glance at the Bishop Museum in downtown Honolulu, the clear blue sky contrasts wonderfully with the buildings intriguing, textured stone facade. The arch of the entryway invitingly welcomes those anticipating a look into Hawaii's colorful past. The Hawaii Museum was initially founded in 1889 by Charles Reed Bishop. Bishop was the last official descendent of the Kamehameha clan and decided to establish the official Bishop Museum Hawaii on Oahu for his loving wife.

Visitors delve into the interesting history of Hawaii through numerous special, changing exhibits as well as permanent fixtures. Inside, this Hawaii attractions layers of past are varied and range from subjects covering modern work by artists of Native American decent to Hawaiian royalty to multiple scientific exhibits and displays.

The year 2007 saw one of the most exciting projects happening at the Bishop Museum Hawaii. Indigenous artists numbering more than 100 gathered from around the globe in Waimea to participate in a collective effort, called PIKA, creating individual and shared art for a fascinating group project. The fruits of creative labor are showcased in more then 130 pieces of individual artwork. The powerful force behind the assorted group of talented artists is reflected in the featured art and is connected to Hawaii's past through many levels.

The many different exhibits inside the Hawaii Museum illustrate a variety of Polynesian aspects. Permanent displays include the Polynesian Hall. These Hawaii attractions representations can be found on two floors covering culture across Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Visitors learn about the island's origins through artifacts of religion, music, dance, clothing, rituals, warfare and daily life.

The Science Adventure Center is the most interactive of all the things to do at the Bishop Museum. It draws a comprehensive picture of the aspects of science Hawaii has gained much recognition for, with an emphasis on the environment. Interesting perspectives are gained through oceanography, biodiversity and volcanology. Volcanos, both active and dormant, are found on the islands of Kauai, Maui and Big Island and remain one of the largest draws for tourists. The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame is a crowd pleaser among sport's fans. Memorabilia, photos, and all-time records are displayed inside the Bishop Museum Hawaii and showcase great achievements in Hawaiian sports history.

Another of the Hawaii attractions at the museum includes an exciting calender of events attracting visitors and locals alike on the first Friday of every month. Presentations inside the museum's planetarium are popular and lectures and seminars covering the likes of endangered native plant species and marine conservation are often featured. The more than 24 million artifacts and other objects collected by the Hawaii Museum clarify the importance of the  museum's place in Hawaii, making it one of the most important Oahu attractions to visit.

To get to the museum from Waikiki, head toward Diamond Head, follow the H-1 West and follow the Likelike Hwy to Bernice Street. There is plenty of complimentary parking on the Hawaii attractions campus. Bishop Museum is open every day except for December 25, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Admission for children less than four years is free.

With a break from Oahu beaches you'll soak up a fascinating account of culturally significant artifacts corresponding to historic publications, Hawaiian immigrant life, audio records, photographs and film, deepening your understanding of Hawaii's rich past. For a further and fun look into Hawaiian culture, arrange tickets to one of the authentic Oahu luaus for a unique show of feasts, chants, dancing and traditional, exciting knife fire shows.

Top image: Hawaii CVB
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