Oahu Boat Tours

Oahu boat tours come in a variety of choices, which is one of the things that helps make them so popular. Some of the things you can do on a boat tour in Oahu include whale watching and snorkeling, and general sightseeing is also part of the plan. Should Honolulu boat tours be what you're interested in, looking back on Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Crater as you venture out to sea is worth the price alone. In addition, many Oahu boat tours are quite affordable, so you won't have to break the bank to enjoy one. But if there is room in the budget for splurging, you can always look to book one that include a mix of activities. For those who are up for a little added adventure, the Oahu kayak tours are always worth keeping in mind.

Oahu sailing tours are among the most popular boat tours on the island, partially because they can often be customized to meet your needs and because they offer a lot in the way of variety. Some of the Oahu sailing tours involve snorkeling, while others focus more on taking in the beautiful Oahu sunsets. Couples who are enjoying a honeymoon are sure to enjoy sunset Oahu sailing tours that also include a romantic dinner. In the winter, whale watching is one of the top pursuits when it comes to the Oahu boat tours. For those who are looking to enjoy an unforgettable animal encounter, swimming with dolphins on an Oahu boat tour is also possible.

The capital city of Honolulu is one of the best places to arrange boat tours, especially if you are interested in dinner cruises and sunset cruises. Over on the island's leeward coast, Waianae is the place to be if you want to book a dolphin swim tour or go whale watching. You can also head further south on the leeward side and book Oahu boat tours at the Ko Olina Resort & Marina, which is a resort area that is helping to put the village of Kapolei on the map.

While cruising along on a catamaran is the way to go for some when it comes to the Oahu boat tours, others will prefer hopping into a kayak to explore. Kailua is a good place to go if you are interested in Oahu kayak tours, as you can arrange a trip out to the Mokulua Islands and relax on a picturesque beach that is usually empty. Heading further north on the windward coast, the village of Kaneohe is also a good place to go, as you can explore beautiful Kaneohe Bay by kayak. You don't need to be an experienced kayaker to enjoy Oahu kayak tours, and like most of the boat tours in Oahu, the kayak tours often include round-trip ground transportation, especially for those who are staying in Waikiki hotels or other Honolulu hotels.

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