Oahu Car Rental

Although some might argue that an Oahu car rental isn't strictly necessary to explore the island, it is still the most convenient way to get around from one attraction or area to another. Oahu rental cars offer a kind of freedom that can never be had by taking local transportation, no matter how efficient it is. A Honolulu airport car rental offers the ease of travel on your own terms and is often cheaper then renting a car in Waikiki.

An Oahu car rental isn't a true necessity for getting around. The Bus, Oahu's local bus transportation, is actually a tried-and-true method for traveling around the island but it can be a long haul, depending on where you're going.

Most Oahu tourists stay in Honolulu, in and around Waikiki. The Bus stops at many pickup spots and travels as far as the tip of the North Shore. Anyone making the trip to the North Shore via The Bus will experience travel times of around an hour while driving takes about 40 minutes. Though the travel times aren't all that different, the convenience of car rentals in Oahu means you can head out when you want and leave when you want without having to wait for scheduled stops. With Oahu rental cars priced so well, a car is one convenience many people opt for during an Oahu vacation.

On some of the other islands, such as Kauai, it's more expensive to rent a car at the airport than in town because of surcharges and airport levies and taxes. On Oahu it's quite the opposite. A Honolulu airport car rental will more often than not cost less to take from the airport than in Waikiki, where prices are high for many tourist amenities, such as dining. Cheap rental cars in Oahu from the airport also offer the leisure of skipping the bus and shuttle lines and heading off quickly in your very own vehicle. Another cheap way to get a car is through Oahu vacation packages. No matter how you arrange a car, be sure to reserve it well ahead of time or prepare to face disappointment.

Another major advantage of Oahu rental cars is the ability to enjoy numerous scenic drives around the island. There is no disputing that driving around the island is one of the top ways to explore the many beautiful areas and get a feel for Oahu's natural elements. Motorcycle rentals are another popular way to get around and get a taste of the island's rugged coastlines, such as the twenty-mile stretch of shoreline along the beautiful North Shore. There are countless attractions to stop and see at your own pace.

Venturing out of Waikiki and its crowds can feel like a load off your shoulders, and car rentals in Oahu are just the key for getting away whenever you like. Heading out of Waikiki, there is an enormous amount of attractions and island highlights to explore. With Oahu car rentals at hand, it's easy to create your own daily itineraries and plan out exactly what you want to see and do; maybe tours of Oahu's best beaches are appealing. A drive around the island perimeter makes a great day trip with plenty of things to do and see along the way—there are endless combinations to pair together, creating fun-filled, memorable days.

One of the best stops outside of Waikiki is beautiful Hanauma Bay, a marine preservation area ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Makapuu Beach Park, Waimanalo Bay, and Kailua are along Oahu's windward side. Hitting the North Shore is a major highlight when driving an Oahu car rental, with attractions such as funky Haleiwa town and many fantastic surfing and swimming beaches to explore.

Whether you choose a Honolulu airport car rental, pick up a car in Honolulu, or enjoy the island riding The Bus, the beauty of Oahu will not be lost on you. The key to an incredible island getaway is to get away from the busier, trendy areas and experience authentic island life by exploring the natural elements and discovering the small towns along the way.

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