Oahu Caves

Exploring fascinating caves during your Oahu vacation is just one option when it comes to the long list of things to do. Adrenaline junkies are sure to enjoy a trip to the Spitting Caves, as they are a great site for scuba diving and cliff diving. For those who prefer staying on land, a trip to some of the other Oahu caves might be in order, such as the Makua Cave, located on the leeward side of the island. If you're looking for other caves to explore on the island, you might also keep the Oahu lava tubes in mind. These tubes, which were formed by rivers of lava some time ago, are definitely worth a look, especially if you are interested in geology. The Makaha Caverns, which can be found near the town of Makaha, are one of the top places to scuba dive in Oahu, as they boasts lava tubes and other natural formations that are now home to reef sharks and turtles.

Like the Makaha Caverns, the Spitting Caves create a top Oahu scuba diving site, and when you dive here, you'll have the chance to admire lava rock formations of all kinds. The caves, which get their name from the ocean mist that sprays out of them when the water crashes against the lava rock walls, can be found on the southeastern point of Oahu, a short drive from Honolulu. If you're not up for scuba diving at the Spitting Caves, then sitting atop the lava rock cliffs and admiring the surf as it crashes below is itself worth the trip. For those who really want a thrill, they can try jumping off the rocky cliffs into the sea below. A short hike down a relatively easy path will get you to the site of the Spitting Caves, which are beautiful to behold. When it comes to the Oahu caves, none are more renowned than the Spitting Caves, partly because of the wonderful coastal views that are found here.

Back on the Leeward Coast near Makaha, the Makua Cave is one that you won't want to miss when in the area. Some 150,000 years old, the Makua Cave was once below water, and it was the Pacific Ocean that carved it out. Once you step inside this large cave, it's up to you how far in you want to go, and the cave is about 100 feet high and approximately 450 feet deep. On warmer days, the cool breezes that originate in the depths of the cave are very refreshing. As you shine your flashlight on the walls of the mysterious Makua Cave, you will notice how wet the rock walls are. This is from the water that drips down into the cave on a consistent basis. Should you venture deep into the cave, some smaller tunnels provide exploration opportunities for those travelers seeking an extra adventure. When planning your trip, remember that the Makua Cave is also known as the Kaneana Cave. This bit of information can come in handy if you are asking locals how to find the site.

Unfortunately, those who are looking to book Oahu cave tours during their trip will find it hard to track down any land-based cave tour operators. Your best bet for enjoying Oahu cave tours is to book a scuba diving excursion. The Spitting Caves don't go very deep into the rock, and the water levels are also relatively shallow, so even beginning divers can enjoy these tours. Any land-based tours are typically self-guided, so it's important to keep a few things in mind when you are planning on enjoying these Oahu cave tours. For starters, bringing a flashlight is key, as caves such as the Makua Cave can be quite dark in spots. Because the Oahu caves are wet inside, wearing proper footwear is also important. A light, waterproof jacket is something that you will also want to bring along for the trip, unless you don't mind getting a little wet. Of course, you can always opt to admire the cave from the outside, in which case you won't need much gear.

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