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While staying at a hotel or a bed and breakfast is what some Oahu visitors will have in mind, others might prefer to rent a condo, which has its advantages. For starters, most of the Oahu condo rentals boast convenient kitchen facilities, which is especially handy for families with small children or those who want to save money on meals during their vacation. In addition to a kitchen, most Oahu condos also include features such as private balconies and complete home entertainment systems, which helps to seal the deal for some Oahu travelers. More often than not, you'll also enjoy added space and privacy when you rent a condo in Oahu.

For some, a condo rental in Honolulu will be ideal, as the capital city of Hawaii boasts plenty of great attractions, including the renowned Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Crater. When choosing your condo rental in Honolulu, you can look to one of the local condominium resorts, or you can opt for a unit in a residential building. The Outrigger Waikiki Beach, while not entirely a condominium resort, does offer condo-style units, so you might look to book your stay here if you want to enjoy the resort experience but still have the privacy of a vacation rental. Both one-bedroom and two-bedroom condos can be rented at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach, and in addition to full kitchens, they also boast things like cable TV, a private balcony, and air-conditioning, which is typical of most Oahu condos. Waikiki condo rentals are among the most popular vacation rentals in Honolulu, as Waikiki is very popular and lively destination. The Pacific Monarch offers fantastic Waikiki condo rentals that will have you just one block from the beach. Should you prefer Waikiki condo rentals that have you right on the beach, the Ilikai Hotel offers premium units that are sure to impress.

Finding a condo rental in Honolulu is easy, thanks to the numerous choices. Vacation condominium resorts such as the Waikiki Sunset and Waikiki Banyan only add to the list of choices and are worth considering as well. The Waikiki condo rentals that are directly on the beach will understandably cost a little more, so you can save money by staying further inland if your budget is tight. When only a beachfront condo rental in Honolulu will do, other lodging establishments that merit attention include the Waikiki Beach Tower and the Waikiki Beach Hotel. Honolulu and its famed Waikiki neighborhood aren't the only places to look when Oahu condos are what you have in mind, however, especially for anyone looking to escape the bustle of the capital during an Oahu vacation, if only for a couple of days at least.

During the winter on Oahu, the North Shore is transformed into the planet's greatest surfing destination, and even if you don't plan on taking on the massive North Shore waves, just watching the surfers is a thrill. While there is a good amount of North Shore hotels to choose from, especially in Haleiwa, a condominium rental will better suit some travelers. The North Shore Oahu condo rentals typically boast one or two bedrooms, and some are quite upscale if you are looking for lots of amenities. Thankfully, the bulk of the North Shore Oahu condo rentals will have you close to the shoreline. If surfing doesn't interest you, you might enjoy your visit during another season, as the ocean swells won't be as significant. Snorkeling, swimming, and bodyboarding are among the top North Shore beach activities when the surf is mild.

If you can't make it up to the North Shore during your Oahu visit, looking for a condo rental on the windward, or eastern, coast is always a good way to go. Both Kailua and Kaneohe are good places to look if you are interested in finding Oahu condos on this part of the island. As is typical of many Oahu condos, those that are found in Kailua and Kaneohe are usually part of a condo or residential complex. More often than not, a community swimming pool will figure among the facilities that these complexes offer. Of course, when you visit Kailua or Kaneohe, spending time at the beach is a must. Both Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach are easy to reach from these laid-back villages, and you'll still be close to Honolulu if you want to enjoy urban exposure as well.

While most of the Oahu condo rentals are one-bedroom or two-bedroom units, there are larger condos available if you need more room. You can also look to the island's home rentals if you want an increased amount of bedrooms. Regardless of whether you choose to go with a condo rental or a house rental, you'll enjoy a home-away-from-home experience, as virtually everything that you need will be at your disposal. The Oahu condos generally feature rates that are comparable to the island's resorts and hotels, which only makes them even more attractive. And, as the Oahu condo rentals are located in all the right spots for a terrific vacation, you're bound to find one that's just perfect for you.

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