Ewa Beach

There are several advantages to visiting Ewa Beach Hawaii. Flanked by a wide, grassy area, there are many things to do off the beach as well as on it. Throwing around a baseball, tossing a frisbee, or having a picnic can all be enjoyed off the sand. The beach itself is golden and stretches long and wide, offering lots of space for beachgoers. Almost one-and-a-half square miles of beach are graced with natural beauty, from towering palms to colorful blooming flowers and plants. The diverse cultural composition of Ewa Beach Hawaii along with many nearby restaurants, shops, and hotels make it an interesting place for a day trip during an Oahu vacation.

Ewa Beach sits to the west of historic Pearl Harbor, abounding with a sense of Oahu history. With the advantage of being near many island attractions, a Ewa Beach vacation can be ideal for many travelers. There are almost 100 Oahu hotels in the vicinity, as well as many activities and sights to see. Diamond Head, downtown Honolulu, the Honolulu harbor, and the Falls of Clyde are only a few highlights within driving distance.

Anyone who loves golf will truly appreciate a Ewa Beach vacation. Ewa Beach is very well known for it's ample courses where many great Oahu golfing experiences await. More than ten top-quality ranges and courses dot the region. From swimming and snorkeling to golfing and sightseeing, a trip to Ewa Beach showcases the highlights of Oahu's southern corridor. The natural grace of Ewa Beach mountains, shores, greens, and glistening waters is enough to draw any tourist in for a visit.

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