Hanauma Bay

At Hanauma Bay snorkeling is the top activity and one of the most fun things to do in Oahu. A wealth of opportunity awaits for seeing a myriad of  interesting and colorful fish while careening around the collapsed crater. Hanauma Bay snorkeling reveals a vibrant rainbow of more than 50 species of ocean fish and is one of the most rewarding places to explore vast ocean terrain. The feeling of hundreds of fish nibbling at your suit creates an unmatched feeling of swimming in a live fish bowl or through some of the exhibits at Sea Life Park

Hanauma Bay is another of the breathtaking natural wonders found on the island of Oahu. Flanked by a golden sandy beach that stretches 2,000 feet, Hanauma Bay snorkeling is among the best in Oahu. The bay is also a marine life conservation area making conditions even more pristine. If you see it from one of the Oahu helicopter tours it seems as if a crashed meteor created the beautiful bay by carving it deeply out. Hanauma Bay Hawaii is actually the site of an ancient volcano. Once active and commanding, thousands of years saw mighty waves from the ocean storming the seaside wall. From the strength of the perpetual waves the wall collapsed and the waves rushed in to fill the void.

There are plenty of signs throughout this Oahu beaches stretch revealing where specific fish can be found providing an even more pleasurable experience. The fish at Hanauma Bay Oahu, by now quite accustom to the presence of humans, will swim right up to and around you. Hanauma Bay snorkeling presents the opportunity to take some of the best underwater photos in Oahu.

Oahu diving at Hanauma Bay is popular as it's a great spot for wrecks. There are also a host of rental agents that offer round trip transportation to the bay with a fish guide or snorkel lessons. When Hanauma Bay is too crowded many snorkelers sometimes head to Shark's Cove on the North Shore as a great alternative. The inlet at the right of the cove allows divers and snorkelers to explore submerged alcoves. The reef is located directly in front of the beach and is even fun to watch from outside of the water as it's so close you can see a wealth of fish!

It's important to know that the number of Hanauma Bay Oahu visitors is limited so it's best to arrive as early as possible. Open at 6:00am and closed at 7:00pm the bay is open to visitors each day of the week except Tuesdays. On Saturday the bay is open to the public until 10:00pm. Oahu resorts or hotels can provide a phone number visitors can call to find out the water conditions and jellyfish status which is a good idea before you head off.

Hanauma Bay Parking
Hanauma Bay Parking

The onsite education center offers chance to learn more about the reef and the ocean life it sustains. There is a very small cost for parking and also a small admission fee. Hanauma Bay Hawaii services also offer convenient dry snorkel rentals for those who don't have their own gear. At Hanauma Bay Oahu there are picnic areas with tables, lifeguards, grassy and shady areas, a concession stand near the entrance, restrooms and showers and large concession stand. Lockers are available to store valuables or things you won't need at the beach. The bay is also wheelchair accessible via a trolley or shuttle bus.

There are also numerous Oahu hiking trails running along the ridge of Hanauma Bay that offer terrific scenic views of the entire expanse and breathtaking scenes from the lookout points. Upon arrival visitors are required to view and educational video about the bay and it's marine life promoting preservation of the reef and sensitive environment.

There several buses traveling from Waikiki to Hanauma Bay Hawaii. Waikiki beach hotels offer return transportation, snorkel and fins for a low price. These Oahu tours are usually about 3-4 hours in length providing plenty of time for ocean adventure. Sunbathing, diving, picnicking, snorkeling, hiking or just relaxing provide plenty of opportunity for a really fun Oahu day trip.

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