Hawaii Plantation Village

A visit to the Hawaii Plantation Village on Oahu offers a look back into the history and lives of the sugar plantation laborers who arrived on the island in the 1800s. The sugar plantation village in Waipahu, south of Haleiwa, is categorized as an outdoor museum showcasing the lifestyles of the workers and revealing daily operations at the plantations. Both replica and original homes are part of the daily tours, as are other significant village structures that help visitors interpret the history of this important community.

Daily tours last roughly an hour and guide visitors throughout the sweeping Waipahu plantation, which is also a landmark during Oahu helicopter tours. The historical importance of the Plantation Village Oahu lies in how it influenced the entire economy, the land, and island culture when it was at its peak of operation. The first contract workers to arrive at the Waipahu plantation came from China in 1852 and continued arriving through 1947, around the same time the island's plantation period came to a halt.

The hour-long tour of this restored 50-acre village offers a glimpse at how workers helped shape the island community, through their work as well as their individual cultures. During this era, laborers from Portugal, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico arrived in droves and began working at Hawaii Plantation Village on contracts. Toiling in sugarcane fields, they eked out a meager living yet fared better than they would have in their native countries. With a total of more than 400,000 laborers, the Plantation Village Oahu was thriving throughout Hawaii's plantation era. When looking for things to do in Oahu, a tour of the village is a short yet meaningful experience. Travelers can pair it with a visit to some of Oahu's best beaches or other attractions.

Authentically restored camp homes, Chinese and Japanese Temples, a sumo wrestling ring, and the plantation shop are a few of the key attractions at the village. Many fascinating relics and antiques once belonging to the workers have also been kept faithfully for visitors to see. Situated below the Oahu Sugar Mill, Plantation Village Oahu is a great way to soak in island history and gain a deeper understanding of how island life evolved. Guided tours of the Waipahu plantation are available between Monday and Saturday and begin at 10 am. The final tour begins at 2 pm.

Reaching Hawaii Plantation Village from Waikiki is straightforward. Visitors with rental cars should take the H1 highway northwest past the airport and Pearl City to Waipahu. Along this stretch of highway there are many excellent attractions that can be combined into a fun day trip. On the southern end lies Diamond Head Crater, where hiking a moderately strenuous trail leads to a fantastic lookout. The city of Honolulu is full of many attractions including ideal family stops such as the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium. Located further northwest are Pearl Harbor and many of the best Oahu golf courses.

Image: Hawaii Tourism Japan
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