Honolulu Cruises

There are a lot of fun things to do in Honolulu, and treating yourself to a cruise is just one of the options. For couples who are looking for a romantic boating experience, a Honolulu dinner cruise is bound to please. Families might also be interested, as some of these cruises cater to both adults and children. In addition to a dinner cruise, you can also consider booking a sunset cruise in Honolulu. Often a Honolulu sunset sail includes dinner as well. There are Honolulu cruises to fit a wide range of tastes, so finding one that suits you shouldn't be a difficult task.

Most of the Honolulu cruises only last a few hours, which means that they are easy to include on the itinerary. Should you book a Honolulu dinner cruise, for example, you'll likely depart around 5 p.m. and return by 7 p.m., which gives you plenty of time to explore the Waikiki nightlife scene afterward if you're interested. You might not be up for hitting the town, however, if you choose a Honolulu dinner cruise that includes a show, as you'll easily get your fill of entertainment for the night. One of the Honolulu cruises features a Polynesian show that you can enjoy as you savor your three-course dinner. You'll also be treated to stunning views of the island on any of the trips and especially during a sunset cruise in Honolulu. Looking back on Diamond Head Crater at the end of the day is a joy in itself.

The rates for a dinner or sunset cruise in Honolulu vary quite a bit, so you should be able to find one that fits into your budget. If a five-star Honolulu dinner cruise proves to be too expensive, for example, you might treat yourself instead to a three-star dinner cruise. And those aren't the only options, as you can also enjoy a day cruise, which might include snorkeling, or even book an overnight excursion that involves visiting some of the other Hawaiian islands, such as Maui and the Big Island. Perhaps a whale watching sail will be your main priority. Chances are good that there's an ideal Honolulu cruise for you, so don't forget to explore the options when enjoying a Honolulu vacation. You're also encouraged to consider the Oahu boat tours that can be booked at some of the island's other coastal destinations, such as Waianae and the Ko Olina Resort & Marina. A dolphin swim tour is just one of the possibilities, and in the winter, whale watching cruises are extremely popular.

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