Kailua Oahu

When a Hawaiian beach vacation is what you have in mind, Kailua Oahu might be the spot for you. Found just twelve miles northeast of the bustling city of Honolulu, the laid-back town of Kailua boasts what many consider to be the best beaches in Hawaii. Kailua Beach, which curves gently around beautiful Kailua Bay, is almost two miles long, and it ranges from 50 to 150 feet wide, offering plenty of room for sun-thirsty visitors to lay their towels. Spending time on the beach is at the top of the list when it comes to things to do in Kailua, so don't forget a bathing suit and some sunblock when packing for your trip.

When you're not relaxing on the beach during your Kailua vacation, you can always head to neighboring Lanikai Beach, which is also among the top beaches on the island. Lanikai Beach lacks facilities and lifeguards, but the relatively secluded setting is a nice change from the more crowded Waikiki Beach in nearby Honolulu. Swimming and snorkeling are among the top activities at Lanikai Beach, and you can enjoy these activities back at Kailua Beach as well.

Due to the consistent trade winds, Kailua Beach is also ideal for windsurfing. You can take windsurfing lessons and rent gear at Kailua Beach if you are interested in trying the sport, and unlike Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach has lifeguards and ample facilities, making it a better fit for families. Among these facilities are picnic areas, a pavilion that you can rent for special parties, showers, restrooms, food concessions, and equipment rentals for water sports. In addition to swimming, snorkeling, and wind surfing, Kailua Beach is also a good place to go kayaking or body boarding.

Soaking up the sun and trying some water sports aren't the only things to do on a Kailua vacation. For those who are interested in hiking or bicycling, the Kawai Nui Marsh, which is the largest wetland in Hawaii, is encircled by an attractive pathway, and you can see plenty of native wildlife along this trail. If you're interested in a bigger hiking challenge, you can take on the Mount Olomana trails, which are sure to give you a good workout. There are plenty of great hiking trails to be found on the island of Oahu, and some of the best are relatively easy to access from Kailua. Traveling to the nearby Mokulua Islands, which are best spotted from Lanikai Beach, is also something to consider including on the itinerary when you travel to Kailua. These islands, which are state bird sanctuaries, generally require special permission to access, though you can book a kayaking tour that involves paddling out to them if you want to relax on their deserted beaches and look around. A snorkeling excursion is also typically part of the itinerary for these Mokulua Islands tours.

Golfing is something that many people choose to do when they travel to Kailua, and the Olomana Golf Links is an ideal place to fit in a round. In addition to eighteen inviting holes, this golf club boasts a renovated clubhouse that features a golf shop, snack shop, and full-service restaurant. Before you tee off for your round at Olomana Golf Links, you can practice shots at the 42-tee driving range to help you get your game in order.

Kailua Oahu has recently been revitalized, and travelers are encouraged to explore the dining and shopping possibilities when they're not out enjoying the area activities. You're also encouraged to explore other parts of Oahu when you travel to Kailua. The town of Kaneohe isn't far off, and because Honolulu is also so close, you can easily take in such attractions as Waikiki Beach, the Diamond Head Crater, and the Punchbowl Memorial, among others. Booking a stay at one of the Kailua Oahu hotels ensures you're in a great location for an unforgettable Hawaiian getaway.

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