Kaneohe Hawaii

Kaneohe Hawaii is a little smaller than the nearby community of Kailua, and while it doesn't boast as many amenities for travelers, it certainly warrants a visit. Kaneohe offers fantastic access to Kaneohe Bay, which is the largest bay in the state, and boating is a top area activity because of it. Kayaking on the open ocean is also a popular pursuit, thanks in part to the offshore barrier reef that helps to break up swells before they move in. Varying bottom depths in Kaneohe Bay cause it to display a beautiful array of colors, from ivory to dark blue, and at low tide a sandbar emerges in the bay, offering an impromptu beach for boaters and kayakers to enjoy. Having the chance to hang out on this inviting strip of sand in the middle of the bay is reason enough to visit Kaneohe Hawaii.

Though it was once an important agricultural hub, very little evidence of the industry is evident today. Instead, Kaneohe Hawaii is a residential community, much like neighboring Kailua. These two areas are about a 30-minute drive from Honolulu, which essentially makes them suburbs, and their relatively relaxing settings offer a nice alternative to the busier capital. When you're not enjoying the local attractions on a Kaneohe vacation, it's easy enough to head to Honolulu for a look around, especially if you have a rental car. Hiking up to the top of Diamond Head Crater and relaxing on Waikiki Beach are two of the many things to do in Honolulu. As for the Kaneohe travel pursuits that you can enjoy back in town, boating on the bay is one of the top activities. If you don't have your own boat, you can always cruise the bay on the Coral Queen, is a glass-bottom boat that departs from the Heeia Kea Pier. You'll be able to observe the changing sea floor in the bay through the transparent bottom of the Coral Queen during the one-hour cruise and will likely see plenty of marine life as well.

Should boating figure into your Kaneohe travel plans, cruising to the sandbar found in the middle of the bay is a special treat. This low-tide sandbar is the only one of its kind in the state, and there may be no finer place on the island to kick back and relax when the sun is out. For those without a boat, the Kaneohe Bay sandbar can also be reached by kayak, which makes for a nice adventure, not to mention a good upper-body workout. If visiting the sandbar isn't on the itinerary on your Kaneohe vacation, you can still relax on a sandy beach on the bay's northern end. Kualoa Beach might not be as impressive as Kailua Beach or Lanikai Beach, both of which are found in nearby Kailua, but it should more than suffice when you're looking to enjoy the sun. The grassy park at Kualoa Beach is a good place to picnic, and it also boasts campsites if you are interested in doing a bay-front camping during your Oahu vacation.

From the beach on the northern end of Kaneohe Bay, you can admire Mokoli Island, which can actually be reached by foot at low tide. It's not recommended that you walk out to the island, however, as the incoming tide can quickly cut off the route back. As for boating or kayaking on Kaneohe Bay, the best conditions occur when the trade winds lighten up or switch to a southerly direction, which makes for smooth waters.

When you're not enjoying the bay during your Kaneohe vacation, playing a round of golf at one of the community's three golf courses is always an option. Visiting the peaceful Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden is another possibility for things to do in Kaneohe, and the more commercial Senator Fong's Plantation and Gardens is also a great place to explore. It won't be hard to find things to add to your Kaneohe travel itinerary, especially when you consider the proximity of Kailua and Honolulu. There aren't a tremendous amount of Kaneohe hotels to choose from, so booking a room in advance is strongly suggested.

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