Makaha Hawaii

When you're looking to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation, Makaha Hawaii is a destination you will do well to consider. Located on Oahu's west coast, Makaha Hawaii offers easy access to nice beaches, which are excellent places to watch the sun go down. In the winter, they are also known to boast some of the biggest waves on the island, so surfers looking for a real thrill will likely find a wintertime Makaha vacation to be ideal. When you're not riding the waves at places such as Makaha Beach Park on your trip, you can always hop in the rental car and drive up to the North Shore, where renowned surfing spots such as the Banzai Pipeline can be found. Once winter passes, the water conditions off the Makaha Hawaii coast calm down, allowing for other activities, such as swimming and body boarding.

Makaha is basically part of Waianae, a relaxed, rural community that offers more than enough to keep visitors busy for at least a few days. Because Makaha and Waianae are so close to each other, you can always look to the Waianae hotels if you can't find your ideal lodging fit among the Makaha hotels. For those who are interested in playing golf and relaxing on the beach during their Makaha vacation, a stay at the Makaha Resort & Golf Club might be in order. You don't have to stay at the resort to enjoy a round on its 18-hole championship course, though having it right outside your door is a treat for golfing enthusiasts. When you're not teeing off for a round of golf at the Makaha Golf Club, you can enjoy plenty of beach time.

Most people who plan vacations to Makaha look to visit places such as Makaha Beach Park, which boasts a picturesque sandy beach, lifeguards, and ample facilities. There are plenty of other sandy stretches up and down the coast if you are looking for somewhere else to sunbathe, swim, surf, or watch sunsets. At some point, those who travel to Makaha for relaxation might like to complement their beach time with other activities. In Waianae, you can book various tours that take you out to sea for unforgettable adventures. Whale watching and snorkeling with dolphins are among the special tours you can book on your Makaha trip. The winter months, which are the best for surfing, are also the best for whale watching off the Makaha Hawaii coast. As such, those who are looking to enjoy such pursuits will definitely want to travel to Makaha in the wintertime.

One of the top things to do if you go to Makaha or nearby Waianae is to head to nearby Kapolei for Germaine's Luau. This unforgettable dining experience includes a magical show that highlights the culture and heritage of the Pacific islands. This is arguably the luau of all luaus on the island of Oahu, which is why it might merit a spot on your Makaha vacation itinerary. A visit to the Kaneaki Heiau Temple, which was restored by archeologists from the Bishop Museum in 1970, is among the other top things to do in Makaha Hawaii. In fact, this ancient temple is the most thoroughly restored temple in the state of Hawaii, so you won't want to miss it if you're interested in local history. You'll find this temple in the scenic Makaha Valley, and if you plan on visiting, you'll have to get permission from the guards at the gate. Usually, this simply requires showing your passport or driver's license.

Vacations to Makaha can be relaxing and involve little more than reclining on a beach, or they can be busy and include a range of fun activities. You're encouraged to rent a car when you travel to Makaha, as it will allow you to travel and down the coast freely and to easily visit attractions in other parts of Oahu, as you won't have to make other travel arrangements. You can take off when you please and return to your Makaha hotel to unwind once you return. Don't forget to keep Makaha in mind when planning your Oahu vacation. It's a great place to discover, especially for those looking for some quiet time away from the bustle of Honolulu.

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