Oahu Beaches

Oahu Beaches
Oahu Beaches

A map of beaches on Oahu reveals sandy expanses all over the island from the North Shore to the south. Oahu beaches are akin to those envisioned in dreams, with vibrant tropical colors, swaying palms, soothingly warm water and unsurpassed backdrops. Beaches on Oahu retain an enchanting quality that lures in those seeking a refrain from all worries, a place to unwind and take life as it comes. Slowly. Oahu beaches also offers some of the best surfing and windsurfing in the world during the winter. Aside from the most popular beaches of Oahu like Waikiki Beach near Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay, there are plenty of other sublime locations to choose from.

The turquoise ocean at Lanikai Beach seems to glow in the daytime sunshine. It boasts two scenic islands offshore called the Mokuluas and the stretch between is as clear as cloudless skies. Some consider Lanikai to be one of the best Oahu beaches for its fantastic Oahu snorkeling conditions. It's found off the path well traveled and doesn't see many crowds, which appeals to those who prefer to have the mile-long soft, sandy beach to themselves. Swimming is excellent at Lanikai yet at this Oahu beach Hawaii sunbathers should head out early as the sandy stretch become overshadowed in the afternoon by nearby mountains. There are no facilities so visitors should pack drinks and food. There is also no lifeguard.

One of the best Oahu beaches is Sunset Beach along the North Shore. The winter surf draws people in from all over the world for some of the best surfing conditions in Hawaii. Massive waves thunder toward the shoreline, reaching up to 20 feet, and creating the best situation for championship surf competitions. At this Oahu beach Hawaii winter brings great surfing but dangerous swimming conditions. The popular winter activity is watching professionals hit the waves with fervor and skill. During the summer time the surf is tame and creates terrific swimming conditions. This beach is also one of the best spots in Oahu to watch the sun go down, just as its name suggests.

Beaches on Oahu also include Makapuu Beach Park on Southeast Oahu. This Oahu beach's sandy chamber expands more than 1,000 feet and affords some of the best conditions of all the islands in the Hawaiian chain. Though rough currents create great bodysurfing experiences during the winter, the summer months offer calm, gentle currents perfect for swimming. Facilities include restrooms, picnic tables showers, lifeguards and parking.

Another of the best Oahu beaches is Waimea Bay. While enjoying this Oahu beach Hawaii visitors have access to lifeguards, restrooms, showers, picnic areas, phones and the best part, incredible tropical sand and a stunning reef. The large beach area provides plenty of space and swimming conditions are excellent. Winter waves can swell up to thirty feet in the winter showcasing some of the most spectacular, and treacherous surf in the world.

Pokai Bay is one of the best protected swimming areas in Oahu, even in the winter. Named after a celebrated Hawaiian chief, this beach is located along Oahu's west coast. The coral reef has a gentle slope and the beach offers shady respite from the hot sun. It's also a great place for an afternoon picnic offering picnic areas and outdoor barbeque grills. Visitors can also use the provided restrooms, showers and phones. Lifeguards are on duty here making it extra safe for beach dwellers.

The number of things to do in Oahu along the golden shores offers every person a chance to experience a variety of activities and fantastic terrain. Each Oahu beach Hawaii is home to provides something different yet always offers calm, natural retreats when most needed. Wile away hectic lives at home while sunbathing, swimming and spending quality time with family and friends in some of the most picturesque Oahu beaches on the island.

Top image: Kheiligh (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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