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Honolulu Cruise
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Thoroughly exploring and discovering a holiday destination requires delving into the many different angles to get the most in depth perspective possible. Though many visitors are happy to wile away the days relaxing on Oahu beaches, there are a variety of other ways to see the island. Pulling back the layers of Oahu to examine both the cultural and environmental aspects of the Polynesian island can be a truly rewarding experience.

Oahu Cruises
Oahu Cruises

Aboard the Ali'i Kai Sunset Cruise Oahu island becomes the backdrop for a memorable excursion. The cruise offers fun for the entire family with convenient round trip transportation from Waikiki Beach. On this two hour sunset cruise Oahu entertainment is at its finest and offers a trip aboard a large, classic ocean catamaran painted in traditional Polynesian. Children under four are offered complimentary admission aboard.

The authentic Polynesian review is presented by professional dancers from all over Polynesia. Paired with a live band and featuring true Hawaiian rhythms, the affordable journey caters to families with children of all ages. Seated on the main deck, guests enjoy a full Polynesian buffet with all the island trimmings and a cocktail of your choice. Breathe in the rejuvenating ocean breeze while enjoying fantastic scenery from the large deck.

An Oahu dinner cruise is one of the most popular things to do on the island with all offering similar of cocktails, dinner and a show. With many Oahu cruises leaving form the popular area of Honolulu visitors have a wealth of options. When choosing the best dinner cruise Oahu visitors often opt for the Star of Honolulu. Considered the best dinner cruise Oahu has because of its long standing reputation, the cruise offers consistently exciting shows paired with many terrific amenities.

The Star of Honolulu spans more than 230 feet in length and has four large decks to choose from for its 1500 passengers. Elevators on board offer an easy way to travel between levels and reclining chairs on the observation and sun decks offer comfort along with breathtaking views. Departing from the historic Aloha Tower, guest are greeted in traditional Oahu luau style, by hula dancers that adorn each person with a flower lei. Most Oahu cruises offer a customary meal as does the Star of Honolulu. After dinner guests can enjoy the panoramic views from the shop decks and sip cocktails provided by one of the lanai bars.

An Oahu dinner cruise is a great way to maximize holiday time. Oahu cruises offer a chance for evening fun while sticking to the myriad of sightseeing and beach activities best suited for daylight hours. Visitors can enjoy Oahu snorkeling, Oahu golfing and plenty of sightseeing during the day to the many Oahu attractions and save an Oahu dinner cruise as an exciting evening event. The popular choice is a sunset cruise Oahu companies offer. Oahu tours depart in daylight providing a chance for a good look along the coastline. Dinner is usually served when the sun is setting which is a stunning sight as Oahu is well-known for it's colorfully bursting sunsets.

Oahu cruises can also be taking for whale and dolphin watching expeditions. Led by professionals, the tours provide detailed information and move as close as possible without inflicting stress on the animals. Whale watching cruises are operate from December thorugh April. Breathtaking Hanauma Bay and the North Shore are other options for an Oahu dinner cruise with all offering competitive rates.

Oahu cruises in and around the island provide a unique approach to better understanding marine life, the area and its people. An Oahu dinner cruise not only provides a pleasurable way to see the coastal regions, it also offers a variety of entertainment options deepening the cruise experience. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets, commanding mountains and seascapes and gain new insight into why Oahu is such a revered Holiday haven.

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