Oahu Diving

Anyone choosing scuba diving in Hawaii is rewarded with one of the most beautiful angles the island offers. Drifting beneath the sea is an ethereal experience awash with ancient coral reefs, exotic green sea turtles, fast paced colorful fish, walls of submerged volcanoes and many curious crustaceans and invertebrates. The prismatic wonderland resonates with the quiet of the deep and presents an enduring and unique environment.

Oahu scuba diving spots are scattered all around the island and include wreck dives, reef dives, wall dives and more. The east side of Oahu presents the most abundant dive sites around Maunalua Bay and Hawaii Kai. Past Waikiki Beach lodging is scarce and many only wander that way for diving and Oahu golfing around the east coast Oahu beaches. Hanauma Bay is a popular spot for diving and Oahu snorkeling but there are many other great sites further beyond Kailua.

Anglers Reef is more like a wall where the steep ledge runs north and south offering easy navigation. Dropping off to a sand covered floor, this dive site provides a myriad of crevices and holes which act as a natural habitat for slipper lobsters, octopuses and a variety of eels. The total depth is around 48 feet. This site makes a great first dive out of the bay. The Koko Craters are found in the area and comprise a chain of rounded ledges about 35 feet deep. Reef fish and green sea turtles are everywhere on this relaxed and fun dive. To scuba dive Oahu wrecks head to Corsair Wreck, the only genuine of its kind on the east shore.

Heading north past the Polynesian Cultural Center visitors arrive at the North Shore, home to the famous Turtle Bay Resort as well as many world class surfers. Scuba diving in Hawaii at Three Tables features a depth of 20-45 feet with 50-100 foot visibility. The triptych rocks run parallel to the coastline and house a number of captivating boulders, lava tubes, a plunging wall and a little coral. Occasional sightings at this Oahu scuba diving site include rays, turtles and sharks which adds excitement to the dive while parrotfish, tropicals, octopus, and eels are regulars.

Further on toward the west shore there are even more great spots to scuba dive Oahu. This area offers the calmest water and the most consistent clear visibility making it most popular for boat dives. Makua Valley Ridge, Makaha Caverns near the Makaha Golf Resort, Land of Oz and Black Rock Arches are all west side sites. Black Rock Arches can only be accessed by boat. Also on the west side is the Oahu scuba diving site called Makaha Caverns, a great spot for beginners. The site is 30-45 feet in depth with a visibility of up to 100 feet.

Wreck of the Mahi is great for scuba diving in Hawaii, especially those who love wreck diving. This is one of the most well-known wrecks in Oahu. The Mahi spans more then 180 feet and is an old minesweeper south of Waianae. Manta and eagle rays, green sea turtles, schools of vibrant fish, eels and the occasional white tipped shark can all be seen during Oahu tours.

Non-certified divers can scuba dive Oahu through half day programs with PADI instructors that include basic theory and dives not deeper then 30 feet. Certified divers can choose from a series of two and three tank dives with the latter being the most popular and including an afternoon dive, one twilight dive and a night dive.

Round-trip transportation is offered from most Waikiki beach hotels, Honolulu hotels or from many Oahu resorts as well as other lodging around the island. For those who want to scuba dive Oahu it's also possible to participate in PADI certification programs but they can be pricey. Unless visitors know the area well, it's advised to dive with a guide. Oahu scuba diving is one of the most adventurous and rewarding things to do in Oahu. Dives reveal the biggest of all Oahu attractions, the pristine ocean environment and with a number of unique ocean inhabitants.

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