Oahu Helicopter Tours

An aerial view of Oahu from above clearly identifies that there's much more to Oahu than Waikiki Beach and Honolulu. Choosing Oahu helicopter tours provides a remarkably memorable experience and reveals the best Oahu has to offer. Breathtaking views of the island are on full display during Oahu heli tours and a complete narration of the area details exactly what comes into view. Soaring high above the valley brings expansive mountain ranges, lush green rainforest, cascading waterfalls and endless ocean waters into sight. Visitors come away from the heart pounding experience with awe and enjoy a deeper appreciation of Oahu's abundant natural beauty.

Guests who enjoy Oahu hiking excursions see their routes with a new light when soaring through the air in a helicopter. A variety of possibilities are provided for tourists who choose these exciting tours. The priciest and most detailed Oahu helicopter tours cover most or all of the island, cruising over vibrant coral reefs and white sand Oahu beaches. As Diamond Head crater comes into view the extinct volcano's topical geography is highlighted showcasing the many ridges, plunging rock faces and various elevations.

The Nuuanu Valley, where the Oahuans were once defeated by the Kamehameha in 1795, reveals expansive cliff sides on the Windward side of the island. The many famous movies filmed in Oahu, including Jurassic Park and Pearl Harbor, are also featured on many Oahu heli tours. The harbor, Battleship Row and the Punchbowl Memorial can all be seen from sky-high heights. Heading north, helicopter rides careen over the lavish landscape of the North Shore, over Sacred Falls and high up above the famous Dole Plantation before returning to the Honolulu Airport. Oahu heli tours are approximately 45 minutes long though longer and shorter flights are available.

Other options are airplane tours Oahu visitors choose for gliding near the clouds over the island's stunning environment. Air crafts include sailplanes, fixed-wing crafts and engineless gliders. Gliders are the quietest and most rewarding option as there's no resonating hum affording full concentration on the sights below. With airplane tours Oahu rates for an aerial tour are much more affordable and are offered in a great range of choices. Seaplane rides are available from as short as 15 minutes all the way up to an hour and longer.

Thirty minute airplane tours Oahu guests can choose from fly over a variety of Oahu attractions such as Hanauma Bay and Diamond Head after cruising over Waikiki Beach and the Honolulu Harbor. The Koko Crater is also a spectacular sight from above and the view of Makapuu Point is unmatched against the lookout point on land. Kaneohe Bay on the east side coupled with verdant mountain ranges is a picture of paradise with a smattering of turquoise reef formations and sweeping sandbars. The water landing in the Keehi Lagoon is the exciting finale after flying over the Arizona Memorial and the Pali Pass.

The best views of the island on Oahu helicopter tours are in the morning when there is the least amount of cloud cover. Others prefer evening tours with stunning vistas of Oahu's skyline. Morning tours are the busiest and require advanced bookings. No matter what time of day, the robust and rugged beauty of Oahu is always on display. With a view from the air and plenty of opportunity to see Oahu on land, a great compliment to a heli tour is an Oahu snorkeling or diving tour to see the other half of this island paradise. Without question, Oahu helicopter tours offer the best way to see all of Oahu's beautiful landscape during a thrilling ride through the clear, blue sky.

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