Hiking in Oahu

Those who aim for active pursuits will love the abundance of Oahu hiking trails and the variety of skill levels they entail. Branching away from Honolulu has its rewards. Less than an hour from the urban center there are a more than 30 significant Oahu hiking paths that feature plunging valleys, cascading waterfalls and narrow, rugged rock ledges. Oahu has a multitude of rare ecosystems that are home to a large variety of flora and fauna that have evolved into extraordinarily unique species, many which only exist on Oahu. Oahu nature tours are great way to delve into rare and isolated scenic environments on the island.

Around Honolulu and Kailua there are numerous Oahu hiking trails to choose from. Diamond Head is one of the best known hiking Oahu has. The spectacular view is unrivaled yet there are plenty of other breathtaking viewpoints to choose from. Hiking in Oahu to the Pail Lookout offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in all of the Pacific. Oahu hiking to the Pali Lookout follows a one mile route along the Windward Coast through the lush tropics of the uplands and along sheer bluffs plunging to the ocean below. It's more of a walking adventure then hiking in Oahu and can be accomplished by all levels. Once at the top the sweeping views are incredible and cover a seemingly endless landscape of Oahu beaches, verdant rainforest, rain-carved mountain expanses and clear blue ocean.

Near Waikiki Beach and the southeast coast hiking Oahu is exciting and not far from Waikiki Beach hotels. There are an array of Oahu hiking tours that can be arranged from the area and cover a number of different areas, allowing for customized hikes. The Koko Crater Botanic Garden affords almost two miles of hiking in Oahu and sits close to the Koko Crater Oahu diving site. The crater is dormant and entails a sheer-walled cinder cone close to the eastern coast. The surprise inside the crater, which comprises two acres, is a lovely botanical garden still in the onset of development.

These Oahu hiking trails loop heads through the garden and circumscribes the basin of the crater. Cultivated in the botanical garden are endangered local flora and special dryland plants from Madagascar, the Americas and Africa. The flourishing groves of bougainvillea and Hawaii's plumeria can also be found around this Oahu hiking path and fill the air with exotic scents. Hiking Oahu to the garden is a true pleasure for plant lovers.

Oahu hiking tours can also be found around the scenic North Shore for those who prefer a guide to explain unusual geological formations, topical geography and Hawaiian area history. Many tours offer hiking Oahu trails that lead to some of the best snorkeling sites such as Tide Pools and Shark's Cove. After a fun snorkeling adventure guides lead hikers through the rainforest to the striking Waimea Falls where swimming is allowed in freshwater pools at the bottom of the sparkling waterfall. On the return trip , Oahu hiking tours stop at a number of cultural sites throughout the valley including the ancient temple of Hale o Lono.

Oahu hiking trails offer a taste of the island's incredible natural surroundings and showcase Oahu attractions away from the city. The abundance of trails offer yet another great activity for visitors during Hawaii holidays and a great way to discover Oahu's diverse landscape. Whether guided Oahu hiking tours are chosen or self guided hikes are pursued, the island's tropical beauty an be enjoyed from a completely different perspective.

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