Oahu Nature Tours

Oahu nature tours run the gamut from exploring mountain tops and plummeting valleys to seaside hiking and coastal exploration to Oahu hiking by scenic waterfalls and freshwater pools. The rainforest covers vast areas of Oahu making trips through the dense jungle very popular. Experienced and professional guides can offer an abundance of information about the geography and history of the different areas as well as geological aspects unique to the island. During a nature tour Oahu visitors will concentrate on the surrounding natural environment during relaxed walks through Oahu's various ecosystems.

An Oahu island tour are offered for just about any area visitors wish to explore during Hawaii holidays. Sunrise Oahu nature tours of Diamond Head Crater afford the best time of day to see the ancient volcano. This nature tours Oahu fee includes the climb to the 763-foot summit, educational talks, round trip transportation, admission costs and flashlights for walking through the dark WWII tunnels. Once at the top the incredible ocean views and panoramic scenes of Waikiki Beach get a strong reaction from hikers.

On an Oahu island tour a trip to the verdant Koolau mountain range is another possibility. The mountains rise high above Kaneohe and contain Oahu attractions of lush tropical rainforests, isolated waterfalls, and rainforest pools. Concentration is focused on Oahu's rare plant species and fascinating environmental history. Hikers should be able to handle an intermediate pursuit and wear sturdy shoes as the trail becomes slippery at points over the two-mile journey.

The natural highlights are revealed with Oahu tours that cover Paiko Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary where wetland bird species can be seen in a natural environment. These Oahu nature tours move onto Hanauma Bay and further still to the southeast's volcanic shoreline. This Oahu island tour also includes Halona Cove to see green sea turtles, Waimanalo Bay where beautiful coral and schools of tropical fish abound and onto archaeological sites of ancient Hawaiian temples.

Oahu nature tours also take visitors high above the glistening water of Pearl Harbor to a timeless place amid lush rainforests. Native forests of vermillion hued flowers, magical Koa trees, and fragrant Hibiscus' flank the trails. The four-mile moderate level journey is best for those who want to see vibrant Hawaiian trees like the scarlet Apapane and the greenish yellow Amakihi. The four-mile trip affords stunning ocean panoramas and mountain views.

Visitors wanting to explore the ocean expanse can opt for snorkeling nature tours Oahu outfitters offer. Oahu snorkeling is a great way to see the natural part of Oahu submerged under the ocean surface. These eco-friendly trips explore the west coast of Oahu a few miles from the Makaha Golf Resort and include snorkeling with sea turtles between beautiful coral reefs and learning about incredible marine life inhabitants. Nature tours Oahu guides offer on the west coast also include whale watching trips and swimming with dolphins. Each tour is led by a trained naturalist who will explain the island's traditions, culture, history and ocean life.

Oahu nature tours are perfect for those who love and respect the environment. They offer a chance to get up close and personal with the unique surroundings and learn more about the many layers of Oahu. Hawaii tours provide fun and easygoing lessons about native flora and fauna and the spectacular surrounding landscape. Nature tours can be arranged all over the island with the most options found in Waikiki and Honolulu at affordable prices. They offer a great way to gain more in depth knowledge about Oahu beaches, extinct volcanoes and old mountain ranges and offer part of the best diorama's of the island.

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