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Hawaii is the true birthplace of surfing and the surfing capital of the world. Surfing in Hawaii dates back more than 3000 years when fishermen discovered riding waves on a board was the quickest and easiest way to get ashore with their daily catch. The method evolved into a popular pastime, revolutionizing surfing. Hawaiian royalty picked up on the developing sport and also began riding the waves. Today surfing is a world wide phenomenon and one of the most popular things to do in Oahu. There are more than 150 excellent surfing sites around the island with many options for every level.

Surfing Oahu is best in the winter months from November through March when massive swells roll into the north and west coastlines. North Pacific storms most active in winter create the colossal waves that make Oahu's North Shore the go-to location for surfers around the world looking for the biggest waves to battle.

The North Shore is also home to the largest and best-known surfing competitions in the world. When surfing Oahu in the summer, between May and September, visitors looking for the best Hawaii surfing head to the island's east and south shores which both enjoy great conditions due to South Pacific storms .

In Hawaii best surfing beaches can be found around the stunning North Shore. The top surfing beach is called the Banzai Pipeline and can be reached by car or by public transit from Waikiki Beach. During the winter unforgiving monster waves roll in reminding visitors of nature's unrelenting strength. The epic swells at this famous left side barrel reef break around the coral shelf about 200 yards from the shoreline.

Both the coral shelf and the shallow ocean water create mighty tubular waves similar to pipes, giving this celebrated beach its name. The best boards for surfing in Hawaii at the pipeline are guns and shortboards, providing the best elements for navigating the ocean. In the summer the surf at Banzai Pipeline is calm affording good swimming conditions along the sweeping stretch of sand.

Along the South Shore Oahu Hawaii best surfing beaches include Ala Moana. Ala Moana is a 76-acre park situated west of Waikiki Beach and makes a great day trip for families based out of Honolulu. Swimming, surfing and body boarding are all popular and shaded areas create the perfect place for picnicking. Restrooms, showers, concession stands and lifeguards are all provided. Families also enjoy the area because of the many nearby Oahu attractions like Sea Life Park and the Bishop Museum.

Surfing Oahu at Ala Moana is competitive and the beach is frequented by locals who surf expertly inside the bowl. The bowl forms between the Pacific and Ala Moana featuring four to twelve foot waves. The takeoff is fast and steep creating the risk of getting caught up behind. The waves crashes to the bowl in a matter of seconds. Other Oahu Hawaii best surfing beaches near Ala Moana include Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, both great for surfing in Hawaii during the summer. At Diamond Head waves reach four to six feet, peel to the right and are complete with striking views.

Along the island's west side conditions are pristine and quiet. Makaha Beach Park, near the Makaha Resort, is flagged by a huge outcropping of rock named Lahi Lahi and is famous for it's clean breaks and yearly longboard competitions. Surfing Oahu on the west side is best in winter while the summer months bring the best swimming conditions. The southeast shoreline features screaming swells best left to experts who can navigate the dangerous shore break without incident.

Surfing in Hawaii is also possible around the rest of the island series at Maui, Kauai and Big Island but Oahu reserves a spot for the pros to go. There is a host of options available for surfing lessons from one day instruction to one and two week camps perfect for beginners or for those who want more edge in their style. Visitors looking for ocean adventure while on Hawaii holidays should try their hand at the tough yet rewarding sport.

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