Oahu Weddings

People and places make each wedding a unique and special union. Choosing a special wedding destination can make an ordinary wedding into an extraordinary event. Hawaii has the advantage of being an outdoor paradise like no other on earth. Golden sands, sun-kissed coastal areas, magnificent views and fragrant native flowers offer breathtaking and romantic surroundings. Vibrant Hawaiian gardens, tropical lagoons and wonderful weather conditions only amplify stunning wedding locations.

An Oahu wedding location can often be used for little or no cost while providing one of the most beautiful backdrops for the most important day in many people's lives. Others prefer immaculate scenery provided by luxurious Oahu resorts. This type of Oahu wedding location can be quite costly but allows for an unforgettable marriage among the amplified beauty of Oahu. Turtle Bay Resort offers a picturesque Wedding Pavilion, a glassed-in haven situated on the scenic edge of Kuilima Point. The stunning views at sunset offer one of the best times of day for Oahu weddings. Oahu wedding planners at Turtle Bay create dreamlike ceremonies and offer Hawaii vacation packages specifically sought out for weddings.

Weddings in Oahu can also be arranged at the opulent Halekulani Resort. The Oahu wedding location can be in lush private gardens or on the stunning terrace lanai where the backdrop of the Pacific and Diamond Head share the stage. The advantage of Oahu weddings at Halekulani is the bride and groom can customize their wedding package instead of choosing from a predetermined combination. Oahu wedding planners offer choices of a print shop, a professional onsite florist and a wealth of experience in creating the perfect special event. A wedding at Halekulani has the added benefit of providing an exceptional setting for a Hawaii honeymoon afterward.

Weddings in Oahu offer versatility, from a simple sunset ceremony to a lavish production in Oahu luau-style complete with hula dancers, drumming and a traditional feast. There are some very reputable Oahu wedding planners well versed in arranging traditional Hawaiian-style weddings. A ceremony at an ancient historical site offers an authentic Hawaiian experience with a spiritual feel. In Heeia State Park, KeAlohi Point is a wonderful choice with the backdrop the Koolau Mountains and the striking bay. The convenient onsite hall is perfect for a catered dinner, cocktails and speeches.

Weddings in Oahu are often set outdoors and set by the ocean or in one of Oahu's sublime tropical gardens. Oahu wedding planners can assist in choosing a site or the bride and groom can select it on their own and the planner will accommodate. Oahu weddings near the ocean have an ethereal quality with the sound of soothing waves nearby, powdery white sand and the essence of nature all around. The North Shore beaches like Sunset, Lanikea and Puena exhibit a truly charming quality and can all be used free of charge. Waialae Beach Park is situated one of the most affluent Honolulu communities and offers plenty of parking, restrooms and a large pavilion with the perk of the breathtaking Koolau Mountains in the background.

Garden choices for Oahu weddings include the Olomana Gardens a half hour from Waikiki Beach. Terraced gardens, meandering paths, lotus and lily ponds, rippling streams and exotic flora offer a fairy tale backdrop to the onsite gazebo. A popular Oahu hiking area, the Koko Crater houses a rustic botanical garden inside providing a unique setting on the Windward coast. The only requirement for this exceptional Oahu wedding location is a permit.

Outdoor weddings can be the most impressive but do require some extra planning for a flawless day. Visit the location the day prior to the ceremony to make sure everything is in place. Also keep a keen eye on the weather forecast and have a back-up plan incase of rain. This could include renting a large tent just in case. Also be aware of the wind conditions as they can be forceful and easily interrupt the service. When planning to tackle some of the planning yourself, allow plenty of time to make all arrangements and phone calls. With everything set in place weddings in Oahu go off without a hitch creating a lifetime of memories for the new couple.

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