Oahu Vacation Rentals

Oahu vacation rentals offer the perfect complement to the island's other lodging choices, which include an array of alluring resorts and hotels. As one might imagine, Oahu beach rentals are extremely popular, as most visitors to the island look to stay near the shoreline. For those who want to spend time in the capital city, Honolulu vacation rentals provide an ample mix of lodging options that will have you close to an array of great attractions. Finding a vacation rental in Waikiki is the aim of many visitors, as this world-famous neighborhood boasts beautiful Waikiki Beach, among other benefits. While basing yourself in Honolulu is always worth considering, you can also look elsewhere for Oahu vacation rentals, which can be found in plenty of interesting locations, such as the rugged North Shore.

The rates at most of the Oahu vacation rentals are comparable to what you would expect to pay at the bulk of the island's hotels, so keeping them in mind when planning your trip is always a good idea. The condo rentals tend to be cheaper than the house rentals, but even so, most of the Oahu vacation rentals offer more square footage than your standard hotel room. In addition to added space, the majority of the Oahu vacation rentals also offer added privacy, which only helps to boost their overall appeal. Some of the Oahu villas, which are similar to the Oahu house rentals, offer more than five bedrooms, so they deserve some consideration when you're traveling with a large group. Honeymooners, small families, and single travelers will likely be better off sticking to the Oahu condo rentals, which still manage to top standard hotel rooms with respect to space.

Convenient describes most of the Oahu vacation rentals, as they tend to offer a range of amenities, including full kitchens. Having your own kitchen means you can prepare your own meals and snacks, which can save money and provide a more relaxing option than eating out. In addition to a full kitchen, the amenities you can expect to find at an Oahu rental include internet access, cable TV, a DVD player, a home stereo, a telephone, clean linens, a private balcony or deck, and a barbecue grill. Should your vacation rental in Oahu lack air-conditioning, it will most likely be equipped with ceiling fans, which do well to keep things comfortable even on the warmest of days. If you stick to the Oahu beach rentals, the consistent trade winds will also do well to keep the heat at bay.

Oahu beach rentals can be found near all the top beaches, including Waimanalo Beach, Kailua Beach, and Waimea Beach, so if it's time on the sand that you have in mind, they are the way to go. If you are sticking to Honolulu vacation rentals, you'll have famed Waikiki Beach at your disposal. Condos rule the scene when it comes to Honolulu vacation rentals, especially in Waikiki, but that doesn't mean that you can't find larger homes in the capital city. When you want to escape the bustle of Honolulu, considering vacation rentals in nearby Hawaii Kai is always a good idea. It's just twenty minutes by car from Hawaii Kai to Honolulu, so you can enjoy plenty of urban exposure on the side, provided that you're up for it.

Both the Honolulu vacation rentals and the Hawaii Kai vacation rentals are ideal for those who want to go snorkeling on their Oahu vacation, as beautiful Hanauma Bay, arguably the island's top snorkeling spot, is a short trip away. Should you be basing your Oahu vacation around surfing, looking to the North Shore vacation rentals and the rentals on the leeward coast is the way to go. In the winter, both the North Shore and the leeward coast are among the world's best surfing destinations. When looking for Oahu beach rentals on the North Shore, the Haleiwa area is a good place to start. Should you prefer staying on the less-visited leeward coast, the villages of Makaha and Waianae provide an ample amount of vacation rental properties.

While the majority of the Oahu vacation rentals are condos, there are still enough house rentals to choose from. Oahu house rentals provide the most privacy, as they aren't connected to other vacation rental properties, so they are ideal when privacy is your main concern. As is true of some Oahu condo rentals, some of the Oahu house rentals also offer access to a swimming pool. The Oahu vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right one for your vacation should be easy, so it's always a good idea to keep them in mind when looking for your ideal Oahu accommodations.

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