Waianae Hawaii

Many Oahu visitors never make it over to the island's west coast, where communities such as Waianae can be excellent places to relax on a vacation. Waianae Hawaii is a small town that only boasts around 10,500 residents, and that helps to make it a good place to consider when you're looking to get out of the city of Honolulu. Because Waianae Hawaii is just 22 miles from Honolulu, you can always hop in your rental car and visit the capital when you're not exploring the island's western reaches. As for things to do in Waianae, they include going to the beach, heading out to sea on a pleasure cruise, shopping at the Waianae Mall, and exploring the area parks. You can also book a specialty tour during your visit and enjoy an unforgettable animal encounter.

Most people who plan trips to Waianae come to enjoy one of the specialty tours, which can include things such as whale watching, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins. The winter months are the best time for whale watching tours in Waianae Hawaii, as this is when the humpbacks pay a visit to the area. There's nothing quite like seeing these mammoth beasts come up for air or leap out of the water. For a more intimate animal encounter, you can also consider adding a dolphin swim to your Waianae vacation itinerary. Getting in the water with wild dolphins is a thrill, and you won't soon forget the experience. Snorkeling with sea turtles is just one more kind of specialty tour that you can add to your Waianae travel plans, and it too is bound to be a highlight of your Oahu vacation. While summer is the best time to snorkel with turtles off the western coast, you can still enjoy the activity year round depending on surf conditions. 

The winter months in Oahu see a significant increase in ocean swells, which create the epic waves that make Oahu surfing so renowned. While North Shore surfing spots such as the Banzai Pipeline get the most attention, you can also head to the west coast to find some towering waves. Due north in Makaha, surfers looking to hit the big winter waves can go to the Makaha Beach Park, which is the top surfing spot on Oahu's west coast. If surfing isn't for you, simply admiring these waves from the safety of the shore is rewarding as well. When the surf isn't so powerful at places such as Makaha Beach Park, other water-related activities, including swimming and body boarding, figure among the possibilities. Makaha Beach boasts soft sand, a reef to explore while snorkeling, picnic areas, lifeguards, restrooms, and showers. It's easy to see why a visit to this park figures on most Waianae travel itineraries. 

When relaxing at the beach is part of your Waianae vacation plans, the Makaha Beach Park isn't the only place to go. Just south of town, Lualualei Beach Park is a great place to sunbathe, and you're also bound to enjoy the sun and sand at Pokai Bay Beach Park. Head further south to Maili Beach Park, and you'll find another excellent spot to spend the day. The grassy areas at these parks provide great places to enjoy a picnic, and the views of the ocean and the Waianae Mountains make for a picturesque setting. Sandy beaches extend up and down the western coast of Oahu, so you should be able to find your ideal spot to relax without issue.

Waianae travel is ideal for anyone looking to get out of Honolulu for a while, and there's more to do here than just hang out at an idyllic beach. Visits to the Mao Organic Farms are fun for all ages, and if you're interested in local culture, the restored Heiau Temple deserves a look. Those who are looking to enjoy a cultural experience on their Waianae vacation can also consider visiting during one of the town's art festivals. In addition to the Waikiki Artfest, Waianae also hosts the Thomas Square Artfest, both of which are appealing events for art enthusiasts. There aren't a lot of Waianae hotels to choose from, so if you're looking to visit during your Oahu vacation, book a room in advance if you don't want to drive back to Honolulu at the end of the day.

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