Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach Park comprises a sweeping 75 acres, and Waimanalo Beach is the main attraction. One of the longest and most picturesque of all Oahu beaches, Waimanalo Beach Hawaii features clean white sand and is near many island attractions. Popular with families because of its Class A Zone rating, meaning the water is extremely clean, this beach park sees large crowds during peak tourist seasons, so arrive early in the day for a prime spot along the shore.

Waimanalo Bay Beach is well-known for some of the best surfing conditions on the east, or windward, side of Oahu. Though not as famous as Oahu's excellent North Shore surfing, the east side has its advantages, one of the biggest being the lack of crowds when the surf season arrives. At Waimanalo Beach Hawaii, the surf breaks are often more scattered and can blow out or become choppy, but conditions are fairly good.

Other area activities to try around the Waimanalo Bay area include fishing, bodysurfing, bodyboarding, swimming, and beachcombing. Camping is popular at the park, and there are many sites complete with parking, public phones, clean showers, and restrooms available to campers and visitors. Numerous shady areas provide great spots for picnicking and respite from the sun. Each day there are lifeguards on duty until 5 pm.

Kaneohe, Honolulu, and Kailua are all within driving distance, making Waimanalo Beach Hawaii a convenient stop during island day trips on the east side. Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area lies just north of Waimanalo Beach and the bay, offering ample green space for outdoor activities. Just south of the recreation area is Waimanalo Beach Park, and minutes south of the park is the beach itself. From Honolulu, Highway 72 leads south and then heads northeast toward Waimanalo Bay. Along the route are Hanauma Bay, Makapuu Beach, and numerous excellent golf courses. Sea Life Park, less than five miles away, is another popular stop for Waimanalo Beach Bay visitors.

There are many Oahu hotels and resorts only a short distance from Waimanalo Bay Park, and they offer a quiet spot with great scenery for tourists staying on the east side. The only danger in the water to be aware of in this area is the Portuguese Man-of-War, a type of stinging jellyfish. As with all other beaches around Oahu, visitors should always keep an eye on ocean conditions and follow warning signs and beach postings.

Anyone preferring a private rental on the east side of Oahu will find numerous options around Waimanalo Beach Hawaii. The benefits of staying on the island's east side are many: Fantastic snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, surfing at renowned Makapuu Beach, and magnificent sunsets are just the beginning. Oahu's windward side is also home to scores of fantastic restaurants ideal for dining on all occasions. From casual and laid-back to upscale fine cuisine, every kind of dining experience is available along the east coast. A host of culinary favorites and cultural dishes can be found on a wide range of restaurant menus. For both tourists and locals, Waimanalo Bay Beach provides a prime area for recreation and relaxation complete with striking vistas and kaleidoscopic sunsets.

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