Waimea Beach

Highlighted by a giant rock formation popular for diving, Waimea Bay Beach Park is a great place to spend the day during an Oahu vacation. Waimea Beach Hawaii is set on the island's North Shore, where many popular surfing and swimming beaches are located. During the winter months, the beach is predominantly populated by surfers taking advantage of the waves up to 30-foot that pound into the bay. These waves bestow on Waimea some of the most incredible and dangerous surf in the world.

During the spring and summer, mostly families and those who want to swim visit Waimea Beach Hawaii. Snorkeling is great throughout the inshore reef. In the summer, the water in Waimea Bay takes on a reddish hue and is calm and ideal for many things to do, including water sports. The large white-sand area at Waimea Beach accommodates plenty of daytime visitors hauling in beach umbrellas, blankets, and snacks. There are numerous facilities and services at Waimea Bay Beach Park as well, including lifeguards on duty, picnic areas, showers, restrooms, and public phones.

Nearby there are several other attractions to check out. The many North Shore beaches close to Waimea Bay, such as Kawailoa Beach and Sunset Beach, are worth a look and a dip in the ocean. In the winter, don't miss a trip to the Banzai Pipeline to watch pro surfers take on mountainous swells. The marine life conservation area of Pupukea Beach Park is a fascinating place to see and an ideal spot for families. The 1,800-acre Waimea Valley and Waimea Falls Park combine to make an excellent day trip. If you're planning on spending some time along the North Shore, don't miss Waimea Beach and the great surrounding attractions.

Image: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) - Tor Johnson

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