Hawaii Ranches

Visiting a ranch in Hawaii is something that any and all visitors should consider, especially since ranches can be found on all of the Hawaiian Islands, save for Lanai. The Hawaii ranches are great places to enjoy outdoor recreation, as most offer an array of fun activities to enjoy. Most of the ranches in Hawaii also go to great lengths to respect the natural environment, awarding visitors with acres of pristine countryside to explore. More often than not, horseback riding and ATV tours figure among the main activities that you can enjoy at a Hawaiian ranch, and you'll definitely want to see what else you can get into when you visit one.

Oahu Ranches

There are a few Oahu Hawaii ranches that you might add to the itinerary the next time that you visit the island, and they include the Kualoa Ranch, the Gunstock Ranch, and the Dillingham Ranch. The Kualoa Ranch is one of the more renowned Hawaii ranches, and you can find it on Oahu's northeastern side. This working cattle ranch offers a most satisfying array of terrains to enjoy, including rainforests, beaches, and open valleys. The Kualoa Ranch is an excellent place to go horseback riding, and it's also an ideal place to go hiking or arrange ATV tours.

On the North Shore of Oahu, the Gunstock Ranch is another ranch in Hawaii that offers enticing horseback riding possibilities, especially if you're looking to get on some very picturesque trails. Also a working ranch, the Gunstock Ranch is spread out over 400 acres, and it's a popular venue for community events, such as the Paniolo Country Rodeo. Like the Gunstock Ranch, the Dillingham Ranch can be found on Oahu's North Shore. Boasting wonderful equestrian facilities, Dillingham Ranch is an ideal destination for horseback riding enthusiasts, and it also hosts a number of events, such as equestrian contests.

Big Island Ranches

For those who are interested in the Big Island ranches, both the Parker Ranch and the Dahana Ranch deserve some consideration. The Parker Ranch is widely considered to be a top Hawaiian Ranch, and you can find it in the Kamuela area. A top Big Island attraction, the Parker Ranch is also a popular wedding venue, which is something that prospective newlyweds will want to take special note of. As for the Dahana Ranch, it prides itself on being the only Big Island ranch that is owned and operated by a Native Hawaiian family. You'll also find the Dahana Ranch in the Kamuela area, and it offers cattle drive tours in addition to the more standard horseback riding tours.

Maui Ranches

When you're not visiting the Molokini Crater, driving the scenic Hana Highway, or enjoying any other range of fun things to do on the island of Maui, you might stop by a ranch for a change of pace. If you enjoy horseback riding, then the Ironwood Ranch is a ranch in Hawaii that you will want to keep near the top of your list. Found on the west side of the island, the Ironwood Ranch is but a short drive from Lahaina and Kapalua. The trails at this mountain retreat wind through rainforests, pineapple fields, and lush valleys, and wonderful views of the sea and the outer islands can be enjoyed along the way.

Another ranch in Hawaii that Maui visitors will want to keep in mind is Haleakala Ranch, which borders the ocean on one side and the Haleakala National Park on another. If you are headed to the Haleakala Crater for a look, you can stop at the Haleakala Ranch along the way and treat yourself to a little or a lot of adventure. In addition to horseback riding tours and ATV adventures, the ranch also offers zipline tours in the forest.

Kauai Ranches

When it comes to the Kauai ranches, the Princeville Ranch is one to keep in mind if you are looking to enjoy things like hiking, horseback riding, and even swimming. When you're not horseback riding or exploring the grounds by foot, you can cool off in a natural pool at the base of a waterfall before or after enjoying a picnic. You can find the Princeville Ranch in Princeville, which is due east of Hanalei on the island's north shore. As are the others, it is a simply ideal ranch in Hawaii for horseback riding enthusiasts.

Molokai Ranches

Molokai is one of the more pristine islands in Hawaii, and it's also one of the less visited. For those who are visiting, the Molokai ranches that will be at their disposal include the Kapualei Ranch, which is more cowboy oriented, and the Puu O Hoku Ranch, which is more of a yoga retreat. Fun events, such as rodeos and roping contests are held at the Kapualei Ranch, so it's worth checking the schedule if you are interested in attending. Over at the Puu O Hoku Ranch, which is not exactly your average Hawaiian Ranch, nourishing the mind and the body are at the focus of things. In addition to eleven lodge bedrooms, the Puu O Hoku Ranch also offers two guest cottages, making it an excellent lodging option for those who are interested in getting in touch with nature.

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