Hawaii Superferry

While interisland flights have dominated the passage between the Hawaiian Islands in modern times, the Hawaii Superferry seeks to renew the love of sea travel both in the hearts of visitors and natives. For those traveling with or without a car, with or without a pet, or simply seeking an over-water excursion to see this beautiful region from a different angle, the Hawaii Ferry is a peaceful and functional way to travel.

Traveling by Hawaii ferry may seem a sluggish alternative to airline travel, but once you factor in getting to the airport two hours early and going through baggage claim after the flight, a Hawaii interisland ferry does not take so much longer with journey times of about three hours. Plus, taking a ride on a Hawaii interisland ferry is a much better way to explore your surroundings and take a little vacation within a vacation. While the Hawaii Superferry is not a full cruise, it is a comfortable voyage and offers a more intimate view of the passing ocean and islands than from the air. The catamaran-style design makes the ships fast and smooth. A panoramic view deck allows passengers a gorgeous way to see the wide-open ocean views as they go by, while the interior features sofas and coffee tables, large-screen televisions, with video games and play areas for kids both young and older. Onboard the Hawaii Superferry, there are three dining areas with menu items based on local products. If all of this is not enough, treat yourself to an upgrade in the Hahalua Lounge where you can enjoy a drink, snacks, eight LCD screens, and a private view area.

There is currently a ferry from Oahu to Maui with service to the Big Island set to begin in 2009. An O'ahu Kauai ferry service has run in the past, but is sometimes suspended so check the Hawaii ferry website for up-to-date route information.

Environmental concerns about Hawaii interisland travel on the Superferry have been addressed on the ships. Water propulsion systems minimize effects on sealife; both the non-toxic paint and catamaran design prevent species from latching onto the boats. Waste material and garbage will only be disposed of while the ship is docked in Honolulu.

The ferry system recommends getting to your port of departure at least ninety minutes early. Fares for passengers without a car are cheaper than with a car. Promotional fares are sometimes offered, but choosing to travel on off-peak days (Tuesday through Thursday) will always get you a lower fare. While the passage is generally smooth due to the design of the ferries, if you have a history of motion sickness, you may wish to take medicine to prevent this in the hour before you board.

Traveling by plane is still a popular option, but taking a ride on a Hawaii interisland ferry is an attraction on its own, adding a new and unique dimension to your experience in Hawaii whether you plan to relax on the beaches of O'ahu, tour the Maui waterfalls, or visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

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